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Free Wiki ASP Scripts

Wiki software are easy-to-use software that allow your visitors to add pages to your website, update them and otherwise maintain them using nothing but a web browser. The idea is to let you create a user-supported, collaborative website. The most famous example of the use of a Wiki software is of course the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia. The free Wiki scripts on this page are written as ASP applications, using one of the ASP-supported scripting languages (like VBScript, JScript, etc). As such, they require your web server to run the Microsoft IIS web server. Some of them may require you to have a database server like SQL Server.

Note that this page only lists Active Server Pages (ASP) Wiki scripts. If you are looking for PHP Wiki scripts, please see the Free and Open Source PHP Wiki Scripts page instead. You may also be interested to know that wikis are a type of content management system that is primarily designed to allow the general public (that is, any visitor to your website) to add pages to your site as well as to update them. If you simply want to create and maintain your website yourself using an easy web-based interface, you should check the Free Content Management Systems (CMS) PHP Scripts page instead. Alternatively, if you just want to create a blog, which is yet another type of content management system, see the Free PHP Blogging Software (Scripts) page.

Update: Since ASP is made obsolete by Microsoft's move to ASP.NET, many of the software previously listed here are no longer available. Sorry, I can only list programs that actually exist. In addition, I doubt many people are going to be writing new forum scripts in ASP, given that it is no longer supported in newer Microsoft systems.

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Free Wiki ASP Scripts

Wiki Asp

This wiki software is written as an ASP script and runs under Windows IIS. Features include RSS feed generation, customization of the appearance using CSS, etc.

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