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Free ASP Blog Scripts and Blogging Software

The free blog scripts on this page are written using one of the scripting languages (probably VBScript) supported by Active Server Pages (ASP). They are useful if your site is hosted on a Windows Server (or IIS) machine, and allow you to start your own web log to post journal entries, articles, photos, etc, using a web interface.

Note that if you are not specifically looking for ASP scripts, it is probably better to get one of the blog scripts listed on Free PHP Blogging Software (Scripts). That page lists the more well-known blog scripts currently used by many sites on the web. (And if that page is too overwhelming, with too many freebies listed, check out my article WordPress Vs Drupal Vs Expression Engine: Which Blog Software Should I Use? as well.)

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Free ASP Blog Scripts and Weblog Software

Since ASP has been made obsolete by Microsoft's move to ASP.NET, the software previously listed here are no longer available, having been withdrawn by their authors. Sorry. I can only list programs that I am aware of, and I doubt that anyone is going to write any more new programs in ASP since the language is no longer supported in new versions of Microsoft's systems.

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