Free Online C# Tutorials and References

Free documentation for the C# programming language

Free Online C# Tutorials, References and Documentation

This page lists free online tutorials and references for the C# programming language. If you don't have a C# compiler, you can find free C# compilers on the Free C# Compilers page.

If you prefer to read a printed book on C#, you might want to check out Programming in the Key of C# (written by Charles Petzold, known for his Windows programming books) and CLR via C# (by Jeffrey Richter, well-known for his book on advanced programming on Windows using C/C++).

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Free Online C# Tutorials and References

Microsoft's C# Tutorials

Microsoft's C# tutorials gives you an introduction to the important language features of C#, such as arrays, collection classes, structs, indexers, operator overloading, delegates, events, explicit interface implementation, interoperating with COM objects, threading, security, custom attribute classes, documenting code using XML, etc. Each of the tutorial chapters include sample source code.

C# Tutorial

This C# tutorial is meant for programmers already familiar with another programming language, like Java or similar. It deals with the C# types, expressions, statements, object-oriented features, threads, attributes, namespaces, assemblies, and the .NET base class library. The tutorial was originally given at the Microsoft .NET Crash Course in Cambridge.

C# Station Tutorials

This site has a set of C# tutorials that introduces you to various aspects of writing programs with the C# programming language.

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