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Prolog Programming Tutorials and References

Free Online Prolog Tutorials, Logic Programming Tutorials

This page lists free online tutorials and references on the Prolog programming language and on logic programming. Many of the tutorials are designed to teach you how to program in Prolog from ground up. You may also be interested in getting a free Prolog compiler or interpreter from the Free Prolog Compilers and Interpreters page.

If you are looking for a beginner's book on Prolog, you may want to look at's selection of Prolog books.

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Free Online Prolog Programming Tutorials and Documentation

On-line Guide to Prolog Programming

This is an introduction to logic programming and PROLOG for beginners. It includes some interactive tutorials where you can write and test your Prolog programs online (you'll need a Java-enabled browser).

A Short Tutorial on Prolog

As its name indicates, this is a short tutorial on Prolog programming.

Prolog for Software Engineering

This is a tutorial on writing practical applications using Prolog.

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