Free Sound / Audio Programming Tutorials, References, Guides

Learn how to write programs that utilize sound, music, voices; utilize sound file formats

Free Sound / Audio Programming Tutorials and Guides

This page contains links to sites that offer either online or offline tutorials, references, or guides to writing programs that utilize sound, digitized voice, music, audio, etc. Some of the references explain the algorithms you may need to cause audio effects or sound effects. Other sites may explain and describe the various sound file formats.

If this page does not have what you want, or if you want more complete information, you may wish to check the list of sound programming books at The list includes books on game audio (for game developers), sound synthesis and programming, signal processing and programming, digital audio, etc.

Another way to go about this, instead of writing your own sound support, is to use one of the numerous free libraries or source code that allow you to plug in code that utilize sound into your application. These can be found in the Free Audio and Sound Libraries and Source Code page, where there are a number of libraries that handle audio I/O, WAV, MIDI, digitized voice, etc.

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Free Sound / Audio Programming Tutorials and Guides

Time and Pitch Scaling of Audio Signals

Overview of techniques used for time/pitch scaling, such as phase vocoder, time domain harmonic scaling (TDHS), timbre manipulation, formant correction, etc.

The WAVE File Format

Need to have more information about Microsoft's WAV file format? If your program needs to process music/audio files on the PC platform, then this tutorial provides information that may be useful to you.

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