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Freely available tutorials, references, documentation on SQL Programming

Free Online SQL Documentation, Tutorial, References

Looking for some free online resources to get you started with the Structured Query Language or SQL (pronounced "sequel")? Whether you are a programmer wishing to write a database application or a web designer who wants his website to have database access, SQL is an important language to learn since it is the almost universal language used to access databases nowadays. The list of tutorials, getting started guides and references listed below may be some good places to help you get started.

If you are looking for a book on SQL, one possibility (if you are a beginner) is to try The Practical SQL Handbook: Using Structured Query Language (publisher: Addison-Wesley).

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Free Online SQL Documentation, Tutorials, References

A Gentle Introduction to SQL

This site provides an assortment of notes on various SQL commands.

Oreilly Network: About SQL

You can find information on how to use various SQL clauses like GROUP BY, ORDER BY, WHERE, DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT, and SELECT. There is also a getting started guide to SQL.

Setting Up a MySQL Based Website Part I

A tutorial on using MySQL, the popular SQL server used on numerous web servers.

Setting Up a MySQL Based Website Part II: Performing User Authentication via MySQL

Part 2 of the tutorial on MySQL.

Interactive/On-line SQL Tutorial

This tutorial comes with an online SQL interpreter and live practice database.

Advanced/Intermediate Interactive/On-line SQL Tutorial

This is the SeQueL to the interactive online SQL tutorial listed above.

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