Frequently Recommended Windows Programming Books

Books on Writing Windows Programs and Writing MFC Programs

Frequently Recommended Windows Programming Books

This page lists some books that programmers have recommended for writing Windows programs and MFC (ie, Microsoft Foundation Classes) programs.

Note that these books are (obviously) not free. You may obtain them from any local bookstore or order them from an online store like The links below point to the same item in the Amazon website, where there are typically some reviews from other readers too.

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Beginner Windows Programming Books

Programming Windows, The Definitive Guide to the Win32 API

This edition of the famous book by Charles Petzold was regarded as the best book on learning to program Windows back when I wrote my first Windows program, it covers the Win32 API and how to program it using C/C++ in great detail. If you use C#, you may find its later edition more useful.

Advanced Windows Programming Books

Windows via C/C++

This book by Jeffrey Richter and Christopher Nasarre is one of the best books on Windows programming. Aimed at the programmer who already knows how to write a basic Windows program, the book deals with advanced issues like working with threads, proceses, heaps, memory-mapped objects, kernel objects, exception handling, thread synchronisation (mutexes, semaphores, critical sections, etc), and so on. It is also well-written. While it is detailed and informative with code examples, it is not tedious. (Note that this is the 5th edition of what was formerly named Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows.)

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