Free Registry Cleaners and Registry Repair Utilities / Software

Repair / remove unwanted or obsolete Windows registry entries

Free Registry Cleaners and Registry Repair Utilities

Registry cleaners and Windows registry repair tools are a class of software that purports to optimize your system's performance and get rid of errors by removing unwanted or obsolete entries from the Windows registry. For those not familiar with the Windows registry, it is a place where Windows programs store their configuration settings. The raison d'être for such applications is that the registry sometimes becomes corrupted or accumulates obsolete entries left behind by applications that have long been uninstalled; these cleaners seek to repair or clean up the registry by fixing or removing these erroneous entries.

Another common use for such registry cleaners is to improve privacy. Applications often save information about the last few files that you've accessed as well as the last directory (folder) that you used. The records of these last used files/folders are commonly referred to as Most Recently Used, or MRU, lists. If you share a computer with nosy people, you may want to remove the MRU lists from your applications before relinquishing the computer.

A word of warning: registry cleaners work by deleting registry entries made by other programs. As a result, it is entirely possible for the cleaner to unknowingly delete things that are still in use, or are needed by the other programs on your system to function correctly. In other words, if you use the registry cleaner, and it's not properly written, or it has bugs, you may end up with a non-functional computer. To be absolutely safe, you may want to make a backup of your computer before you run the cleaner, so that if there are problems, you can simply restore your system from the backup and everything will be back to the way it was.

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Free Registry Cleaners and Registry Repair Software


This software detects and cleans the most recently used (MRU) lists on your computer, that is, the list of files or folders that you have opened or accessed recently. It supports the MRU lists used by Windows itself as well as some common Windows programs like Microsoft Office and Media Player. In addition, it can also remove your temporary internet files and cookies from Internet Explorer. Note that this software has not been updated for many years.


RegDelNull, from Microsoft, is specifically designed to remove Registry entries that contain embedded null characters (that is, entries that have a special type of character embedded in them). Such entries cannot be deleted by the registry editor that comes with Windows. RegDelNull replaces the null character with an asterisk ("*"). This is a command line utility. (Note: this tool is not designed for beginners. Do not use it unless you really know what you're doing.)

Eusing Registry Cleaner

This is a registry repair tool scans the registry for invalid or obsolete entries and provides a list of errors found, which you can then select for the program to fix or remove. The program makes a backup of the registry entries it deletes/alters so that you can restore if you later find that your system does not work as it should.

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