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Privacy Policy

This page outlines's policy concerning your privacy. You should also read my No Spam Policy.

What sort of information is collected from me on this site?

If you send me feedback using the website's contact form, you will be asked for your email address so that I can reply to you.

What is done with my email address?

It will be used to reply to your message. That's it.

Do you sell my email address to any third party?

No. I adhere to a strict privacy and no spam policy.

Do you store cookies in my web browser?

  1. By default, without your intervention, itself does not use cookies on its pages.

  2. One of the site's advertisers, Google, uses cookies in the course of serving advertisements. You can read more information about Google's use of cookies here.

  3. On the pages where Google adverts appear, I display a "This site uses cookies" notice. While I have tried my best to make sure that the notice obstructs as little of the content as possible, I realize that if you are reading these pages on a small screen, even a brief notice can use up valuable screen space, hampering your effort to go through the page efficiently.

    As such, if you click the "Close" button to get rid of the notice, saves that setting and remembers it on its other pages, so as not to inconvenience you any further. The method provided by the web protocols/standards to save settings is by storing a cookie. In other words, if you click the "Close" button, will actually end up saving a cookie where previously it didn't.

    That said, the cookie contains no personal information and cannot be used to track you. In fact, everyone who clicks the "Close" button gets the exact same cookie. Specifically, the cookie only has the words "user_wants_notice_gone=y". All pages on will obey that cookie and not display any notice as long as the cookie exists. The cookie expires after 365 days, so if you come back to this site after a year, you'll have to click the "Close" button again.


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