Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources

Welcome to's collection of free programming resources, free webmasters' resources, free security resources and free utilities.

Free Programmers' Resources

Free Programming Language Compilers
Comprehensive list of compilers for numerous programming languages.

Free Source Code and Programming Libraries
Source code and libraries that you can use in your own programs.

Free Programming Tools and Utilities
Tools to make your programming job easier, such as editors, debuggers, static code analysis, disassemblers, compiler construction tools and grammars, file comparison, search and replace, help authoring, setup utilities, resource editors, and lots more.

Programming Documentation
Online tutorials (free), online references (free) and frequently recommended books (not free) for programmers and webmasters.

Free Emulators and Virtual Machines
Run multiple OSes simultaneously, run a Mac OS on a PC (and vice versa), run a PC virtual machine inside your existing PC, etc.

Free Webmasters' Resources

Free Web Hosting and Cheap Web Hosting
Free and budget web hosts where you can place your website, blog, software, video, music, etc.

Free PHP Scripts || Free Perl CGI Scripts || Free ASP Scripts
Free programs that allow you to add a wide variety of facilities to your website, including forums, polls, counters, search engines, blogs, wikis, photo galleries, etc.

Free Remote Script Hosting
Free services that allow you to set up a forum, feedback form, search engine, poll, guestbook, counter, gather web statistics, etc, when your web host does not support scripts.

Free Webmaster Tutorials and Articles
Tutorials on running your own website, earning income from your site, writing your own PHP scripts, starting a newsletter, search engine positioning, web design, usability, etc.

Other Free Webmaster Resources
Other useful and free webmaster resources that don't fit into the above categories, such as WYSIWYG HTML editors, validators, DNS, FTP, SSH, and so on.

Free Security Resources

Free Security, Privacy and Anonymity Tools and Resources
Tools to safeguard your computer (such as antivirus, anti-spyware) and data (backup, recover lost data) as well as to ensure your privacy (eg encryption, anonymous surfing).

Free Utilities and Applications

Free System Utilities
Free utilities to recover your data, create or manage your partitions, image or backup, and lots more.

Free Multimedia Utilities
Free multimedia tools to edit, capture, process your audio and video, rip your CDs/DVDs, record your TV programs, author your own DVDs or movies, etc.

Free Office and Productivity Applications
Free applications and tools such as word processors, spreadsheets and office suites, image and photo editing software, free fonts, free translation software and so on.

Tofrodos: Unix to Windows/DOS Conversion Utility
Convert text files to/from Unix and MSDOS/Windows file formats. Free with source code.

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