Free Ada Compilers

Compilers & development tools for the Ada programming language

Free Ada Compilers

This page lists compilers and other development tools for the Ada programming language, Ada 83, Ada 95 and Ada 2005. Ada is a stack-based general purpose programming language. It supports object oriented programming, has structured control statements, strong type checking, facilities for modular code, built-in concurrency, exception handling, templates, etc. If you need a book or tutorial on Ada, you might want to try to search Amazon for Ada books.

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Free Ada Compilers

A# (asharp)

A# is an Ada port to the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is released under the GNU General Public License. It compiles from Ada to the Microsoft Common Intermediate Language.


GNAT supports all the core features of the Ada 2005 language. GNAT supports Linux, Windows, MacOS, QNX, etc. It is part of the GNU Compiler toolchain. Binaries for GNAT can be downloaded from AdaCore's GNAT GPL Edition page. The GNAT link above leads to the source code only.

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