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Free spell checking DLLs, ActiveX controls, libraries and source code

Free Spell Checker Libraries, DLLs, ActiveX Controls & Source Code

This page lists free spell checker source code, libraries, DLLs, ActiveX controls, and Delphi components that you can use to provide a spell checking facility in your application. Many, if not all of them, also come with spell check dictionaries that you can use, and some even come with dictionaries for a variety of languages, so that you don't have to build your own dictionary from scratch.

You can find free edit controls, source code and libraries on the Free C / C++ Libraries, Source Code and Frameworks page. Furthermore, if you are looking for WYSIWYG web editor to embed into your web page, you might want to look at the Free Online Web-Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor JavaScripts page as well.

However, if you have arrived at this page looking for complete spell checking software that you can run on your computer to check the spelling, rather than programming libraries, please see the Free Spell Checker Software page instead.

Other Source Code / Libraries

Free Spell Check Source Code, Libraries, Delphi Components, ActiveX Controls


Enchant is a wrapper around a number of spell checking libraries that enables you to use a standard API to access those spell checkers. It requires you to have the backend libraries. Supported backends include Aspell, PSpell, Ispell, MySpell, Hspell and AppleSpell (a number of which, if not all, are listed on this page). It is licensed under the GNU LGPL but with an additional note permitting any backend plugin to be loaded.


Hunspell is the default spell checker used in OpenOffice, a free office suite and other software. It can handle languages with complex word compounding and character encoding, such as the Hungarian language. It is licensed under the GNU GPL, the GNU LGPL and the MPL.


PSpell, the Portable Spell Checker Interface Library, "provides a generic interface to spell checker libraries installed on the system" (quote from the Sourceforge project page). It is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL).

GNU Aspell

GNU Aspell is an open source spell checker that can be used either as a library which you can integrate in your programs or as a standalone speller. It is able to suggest misspelled words (supposedly better than any other spell checker around, or so their site claims), check documents in UTF-8, supports multiple dictionaries simultaneously, handles personal dictionaries, etc. The code is in C++, but you can access the library via its various language bindings as well, so that it is possible to use from Perl, PHP and Ruby. Dictionaries are available for a wide variety of languages, too many to list here. It runs on POSIX systems (Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc). There is also a Windows port that comes with precompiled dictionaries for a wide variety of languages.

International Ispell

Ispell is not strictly a library, but a standalone spell checker. However, since it comes with source code, you might want to take a look at it to get ideas for implementing your own spell checker (if that's your cup of tea). It comes with British and American English dictionaries, but there are dictionaries for numerous other languages available as well. It works on Unix type systems (including Linux), with ports for MSDOS, Windows and OS/2.

Jazzy: The Java Open Source Spell Checker

If you write Java programs, you can use Jazzy to add spell checking facilities to them. At this time, it comes with an English dictionary.

LS Speller

LS Speller contains spell checker components for Delphi 5, 6 and 7 that allows you to add spell check facilities to your program. The spell checker works with ispell dictionaries as well as dictionaries that come with Microsoft Office 95 or 97.

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