Free 3D Software Box Image Makers

Create images of a 3D box for your software

Free 3D Software Box Image Makers

The free software listed on this page allow you to create 3D images of software boxes. The images look like photos of real boxes. (See example picture below.) Such photos are handy if you are selling (or distributing for free) software, even if the software is only distributed as a digital download. They tend to give your software an air of professionalism.

Note that if you want to create 3D software box images as well as images of books, for your self-published ebooks, you may be better served with commercial software like Box Shot 3D. Besides 3D boxes and 3D images of e-books (with your image superimposed on the covers and binding — see picture below), you can also create images of CDs, DVD boxes, CD boxes, membership cards, credit cards and so on. The example images below were created with this program.

Picture of the Feedback Form Script Software Box Picture of a 3D ebook hardcover book

Update (6 April 2012): Over the years, a number of the free software box software that I listed below have disappeared. As such, it's entirely possible that the list below is empty by the time you read this page. If so, I'm sorry, but I can only list the software I know about.

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Free 3D Software Box Image Makers

3D Box Shot Maker

This 3D software box image maker creates a 3D picture of a software box. All you have to do is to supply the image for the front of the box and the side of the box. The software will then proceed to transform the image as necessary to create the box. A reflection of the box is also created, giving the impression that the box is standing on a highly polished surface. You can vary the width of the box, although if you make it too thick, the software is unable to create a box that looks realistic. The height of the box can also be varied, but its orientation is fixed. Images can be saved in PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF format.

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