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Commercial Web Hosts

Listed on this page are cheap web hosts (commercial web hosts, of course) and brief reviews of the hosts. Note: only where I have information pertaining to the host will there be a review. What constitutes a "budget web host" for the purpose of this page? Essentially I just use common sense (my definition of it!), looking at the price of the package and its features. Although I mostly list packages that cost around $10 a month, there are exceptions. For example, a package that costs more but providing extra or perhaps specialized features might also make it here. Note though that most of these web hosts have more than one package available. To keep each description from being too long, I usually only list their cheapest package on this page (which may not necessarily be their best package). You can click the link to find out more about the other packages if that host interests you.

I recommend that you read the article How to Choose a Web Host before committing yourself to any web host.

If your site is resource intensive, that is requiring a lot of memory or CPU time, you may be interested in the Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Web Hosting and the Web Hosting: Dedicated Servers pages instead. Those plans allocate more resources to your website, allowing you to do things you would not normally be permitted in a shared web hosting environment. You can read more about this in the article The Fine Print in Web Hosting: Resource Usage Limits.

Warning: take all claims of "unlimited" disk space and bandwidth in the web host's packages with a pinch of salt. If you're not sure why, read the article The Myth of "Unlimited" in Web Hosting and investigate the host's Terms of Service carefully. In addition, the prices and features listed here were correct at the time I checked it. However, the web hosting industry is very competitive, and thus the hosts tend to change their prices and package features very frequently (with emphasis on the "very"), so much so that the current prices and package details will probably be different by the time you read this. Your best bet is to check the host's site for the authoritative information.

Unless otherwise stated, I try to list prices in US dollars (to standardize things a bit, where I can), although some hosts may show you the prices in your local currency when you go to their site.

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Budget Web Hosts

GoDaddy Web Hosting

This well-known domain registrar also provides web hosting plans, with its cheapest plan starting at $2.99 per month (paid 3-monthly). The Linux package provides 100 GB of disk space, unlimited data transfer, 100 email addresses (total 100 MB storage), 10 databases (each with 200 MB of storage), preinstalled scripts (blogs, shopping carts, CMS, image galleries), etc. Payment methods include both credit cards and PayPal.


This web host provides you with unlimited disk storage and unlimited monthly bandwidth. Other features include a free domain name (with privacy features), an unlimited number of MySQL databases, email POP3/IMAP accounts, FTP and secure shell accounts. You can host an unlimited number of domains and subdomains, as well as have an unlimited number of forwarded or mirrored domains (that is, parked domains). Also provided is custom DNS handling for your domains (create subdomains, custom MX records, that is, send your mail to another server, etc), PHP, Perl / CGI-BIN, crontab access, Ruby on Rails, SSI, the ability to create your own CVS and SVN repositories, web statistics, raw logs, password protected directories, custom error pages, .htaccess, etc. You can also enable the free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for all the websites you host here (ie, put your website under "https" instead of "http") for free, by simply clicking a checkbox in your control panel. The package described above costs $3.95 per month ($7.95 per month after the purchased term, ie, when renewing). You can pay by credit card or PayPal. They also have various WordPress Hosting plans, which are designed specifically for those planning to start a blog using the well-known WordPress software. At present, (this site that you're reading) is hosted here.


This web host's Business package, at $3.95 per month (paid 3 years in advance) allows you to host unlimited domains and subdomains, with unlimited space and bandwidth, a free domain, free SSL certificate, multiple FTP accounts, FTPS (SSL/TLS), unlimited MySQL databases, PHP, unlimited email accounts (subject to a maximum of 500 MB per mailbox for an overall maximum of 5 GB for all mailboxes), unlimited email forwarding/aliases, unlimited email autoresponders, maximum of 250 emails sent per hour and a maximum of 10 MB for an email attachment, the usual one-click installers for popular programs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and shopping carts like OS Commerce Cart, Open Cart, Prestashop, AbanteCart and CubeCart, custom cron jobs, custom error pages, etc.


This web host's cheapest plan, at $0.80 per month (paid 4 years in advance, $2.15 per month when you renew), lets you host 1 website with 100 GB of bandwidth, 10 GB disk space, 1 MySQL database, 1 email account, a website builder and control panel, 2 subdomains, 2 parked domains, 1 FTP account, and 1 cron job. (Like all the other hosts listed here, their higher priced plans have additional features.) Web Hosting

This web host offers 25 GB of web space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, FTP, PHP, MySQL, free SSL certificate, some ready-to-install scripts (blog, photo gallery), etc, for $1.45 per month (with a $13.80 setup fee).

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