Free C/C++ Compilers & Cross-Compilers for MicroControllers

Compilers for Microcontrollers, PDA, HP Calculators, PIC, etc

Free C/C++ Compilers and Cross-Compilers for Microcontrollers, PDA, Calculators, Embedded Systems and Other Devices

This page lists free C and C++ compilers, interpreters and cross-compilers for microcontrollers, embedded systems, PDA (handheld systems), specialized calculators (like the HP calculators), and other such devices.

If you are looking for free C/C++ compilers for a computer like a PC, a Mac or some such desktop or server computers, please see the Free C/C++ Compilers and Interpreters for Computers page instead.

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Free C/C++ Compilers for Handheld Devices, Micro-controllers, Embedded Systems and Calculators


WinAVR is a set of development tools for the Atmel AVR series of RISC microprocessors. It includes avr-gcc (the GNU gcc compiler for the AVR), avr-gdb (the GNU debugger), simulator, IDE, a tool to download/upload the ROM and EEPROM contents of AVR microcontrollers, a tool for editing EPROM load files, etc. The host platform for the tools is Windows.

OnBoard Suite

The OnBoard Suite creates executables (or, if you wish, a Hackmaster hack) for the Palm PDA. It includes a C compiler, assembler, programmer's editor and a Palm-to-host porting tool. The Suite runs directly on PalmOS, on the Palm handheld.

Reads51 Small C Cross-Compiler

Version 2.0 of Reads51 comes with an assembler that runs under Windows 3.1 to generate 8051 code. It comes with an IDE, editor, debugger, and monitor. Version 4.10 includes a Small C compatible 8051 compiler, a relative assembler, a linking locator (loader), an editor, a chip simulator, an assembly language debugger and a monitor. This version runs under Windows 95, 98 and NT. With these tools, you can write, compile, assemble, debug, download and run application software (including embedded control software) in the MCS-51 language. It comes with an online help system. If you do not buy their board, you may only use the software for non-commercial home and educational purposes.

ANYC C Compiler

AnyC is a retargetable C compiler released under the GNU GPL. It is intended for use with 8 bit microprocessors, particularly 8 bit RISC microcontrollers. The original target is the Microchip PIC 16C5X family of 8 bit RISC microcontrollers.

z88dk - The z88 Development Kit

z88dk is a z80 C cross compiler based on the Small C compiler, supporting many features of ANSI C. It comes with an assembler and linker as well as a standard C library. Supported host systems include Amiga, BeOS, HP-UX 9, Linux, BSD systems, MacOS X, Solaris, Win32, Win16 and MSDOS. The compiler generates code for the following target systems: Cambridge Computers z88, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Sinclair ZX81, CP/M based machines, Amstrad NC100, VZ200/300, Sharp MZ series, TI calculators (TI82, TI83, TI83+, TI85, TI86), ABC80, Jupiter Ace, Xircom REX 6000, Sam Coupe, MSX1,Spectravideo, Mattel Aquarius, Peters Sprinter, and C128 (in z80 mode).

CC65 C Cross-Compiler

[Update: the main site no longer provides the compiler. This is a link to an older version.] A cross-compiler for the 6502 that is a derivative of the Small C compiler. It runs on Win32, DOS, Linux and OS/2. It generates binaries for the Commodore C64, C128, C16, C116, Plus/4, and the 600/700 family of compilers. It is no longer maintained.


[Update: this compiler is no longer available.] HP-GCC comprises the GNU C compiler targeted at the ARM processor of ARM-based HP calculators (like the HP49g+), HP specific libraries, a tool (ELF2HP) that converts the gcc produced binary to the appropriate format for the HP calculator, and an emulator (ARM Toolbox/ARM Launcher) that lets you execute ARM programs on your computer. At present, Windows and Linux versions are available.

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