Free Online Touch Typing Speed Tests

Check Your Typing Speed in WPM

Free Online Touch Typing Speed Tests

These free online touch typing speed tests are useful if you want to find your typing speed. Typing speed is typically measured in wpm, or words per minute. For testing purposes, a word is usually counted as a sequence of five characters typed on the keyboard and includes things like spaces and punctuation characters. That is, it is not a normal word in the English sense of the term. This allows you to more accurately compare your score against others (and yourself) when the passage of text differ. Errors (typos) count against you, since obviously anyone can type at blinding speed if they just type gibberish.

To try out the typing tests listed on this page, all you need to do is to visit the site in question with a web browser. Your browser should have JavaScript enabled (the default setting in all browsers in use today). Typing speeds tend to vary according to the type of text you're entering, whether it contains things like numbers and punctuation characters, your familiarity with the text, whether you're composing new text or just copying, and your keyboard layout. (For example, people used to a Dvorak keyboard are said to be able to type much faster than those who use a Qwerty keyboard layout.) If you want a benchmark to compare yourself, I can type around 70+ wpm when copying text. Don't be too proud, though, if you beat my score. I'm only an average typist. Some people I know can type at about 120+ wpm. It's really magical to watch them type.

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Free Online Touch Typing Speed Tests

Type Racer

You not only get to test your typing speed here, you can also race against others doing the test. You do not have to sign up for an account to try the typing tests, but if you do, your score is recorded. In addition, if you do very well, it will be placed in the high scores on the site. The typing test only gives a very short paragraph that includes words and punctuation marks to type. It has a countdown timer that counts down to the start of the test.

Free Online Touch Typing Test - WPM per minute

This typing speed test allows you to clock your typing speed using words (and punctuation marks), numbers, and words and numbers. You have to click a button to start the test, and click another to stop it, so I guess that there's a small bit of inaccuracy in the timing if you're very particular about this. The passages used are selected taken from a variety of books and vary from test to test.

Free Timed Typing Test

This touch typing test checks your typing speed when you type in a specific paragraph. Unlike many of the other typing tests, there is no way to correct your mistakes. That is, once you make a typo, an error is recorded. Hitting the backspace key only makes things worse (it gets recorded as yet another error). Your speed is measured in wpm, or words per minute.

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