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Free and Open Source Perl Shopping Cart and Commerce CGI Scripts

The shopping carts, inventory and fulfilment, ecommerce (or e-commerce) Perl CGI scripts listed on this page allow you to set up your own online shop in the fashion of's famous online bookshop. Typically, the scripts displays your products on your site, allow your visitors to select and place orders and transmits the orders to you. Some of the scripts are integrated with a particular credit card ordering system (indeed, some of them may be written by a particular credit card processing vendor trying to promote their ware).

If you are running an online shop, you may also need to have some means of collecting credit card payments - see the article How to Collect Credit Card Payments on Your Website, which also lists some third party merchants that allow you to collect payments without having your own merchant account. Note that some (or perhaps all) of the merchants listed on that page may provide you with an ordering system that you can use free of charge, so you may not even need to install a shopping cart script if your needs aren't complicated.

(Tip: if you get an internal server error after installing any Perl script, you may be interested in this article: Perl CGI Debugging: How to Solve a 500 Internal Server Error.)

If you are not tied to using a Perl script, the Free and Open Source PHP Shopping Cart Scripts page may also be relevant to you.

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Free Shopping Carts, Online Store and Inventory Management Perl Scripts

Agora - Free Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Agora allows you to customize the appearance of your shopping cart using an online CSS manager, edit or install store templates, provide dynamic updates to product categories and sub-categories lists, dynamically generate product pages from the store database, etc. It features unlimited product options, volume pricing, unlimited product categories, place a product in multiple categories, multiple taxation localities, customizable "Featured Products" lists, support for a wide variety of payment processing gateways (including PayPal) and sales and local taxes, support for shipping charges, including international shipping, shipping by weight, by percentage of total order, by flat rate, and so on. You manage your store online, and the software provides tracking and error logs. You can set up your store with either GnuPG or PGP encryption. The software is released under the GNU General Public License.

Interchange Web-based Application Server

Interchange is an open source commerce server written in Perl. To quote its website, it "has been set up to perform sales, order processing, content management, customer service, reporting and analysis, personalization, traditional retail sales, digital goods delivery, B2B parts re-ordering, non-commerce content management, auctions, order status checking, supply chain management, project management, online collaboration, and even an MP3 Jukebox." It can be integrated with payment processing services, point-of-sale systems, external content management systems, customer relationship management systems, etc. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Web Store

This is a configurable shopping cart that allows your customers to select items (and put them back if they change their mind), search according to some criteria, etc. It appears to be released under the GNU General Public License, and is thus open source.

Yams (Yet Another Merchant System)

[Update: this script appears to have been abandoned.] Yams is an e-commerce shopping cart system that uses a MySQL backend. Its features include a product search facility, related products display, persistant shopping cart, support for multiple product types, user registration system, session ids for tracking, support for multiple shipping addresses, revenue reports broken down by referrers, works as a CGI script or under mod_perl, inventory tracking, order management tools, calculation of shipping charges, etc. It requires you to have an Apache server, MySQL, Mail::Sendmail module, etc.

AllCommerce ecommerce and fulfilment

[Update: This script appears to have been abandoned.] AllCommerce is an ecommerce and fulfilment system that allows you to access inventory and order information. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle (ie, you need one of those databases). The script is released under the GNU General Public License.


[Update: I'm not sure if this software is still available. The site was inaccessible the last time I checked. For the record, the address is] Commerce.cgi is a shopping cart system with a store manager that allows you to manage your inventory (add, delete, edit items in your shop inventory). You can customise your storefront in a wide variety of ways: you can control the headers and footers, associate options with certain products (for example if the visitor selects a T-shirt, you would want a way for them to select the T-shirt size), add images, add static links, etc. Your visitors can also search for a particular product.

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