Free Electronic Greeting Cards / Postcards PHP Scripts

Let your visitors send virtual eCards from your site

Free Virtual (Electronic) Postcards / Greeting Cards / eCards PHP Scripts

The PHP scripts on this page allow your visitors to send virtual (or electronic) greeting cards, postcards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, New Year cards, etc, to their friends. Such a free service is one way to attract visitors to your site (especially during the festive seasons). The scripts on this page require you to have PHP installed on your web server.

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Free Virtual (Electronic) Postcards / Greeting Cards / eCards PHP Scripts

FREEze Greetings

This PHP greeting card script does not need a database and supports Flash files, images and background music for your greeting cards. You can also add emoticons for your postcard messages, set the messages to auto-expire after a period of time, log in with your admin panel to add new greeting cards, and so on.


gCards is a free eCard script that uses PHP and a MySQL database. The administrator can upload JPEG and GIF images for your electronic postcard, add eCard categories, etc, from a web-based "Administrator Console". It has a WYSIWYG interface for composing eCards if your visitor uses IE (although other browsers are also supported for other functions). You can add smilies, have multiple recipients, automatic deletion of old eCards, automatic thumbnail generation, create and edit site news, etc. It mails the URL to recipients to pick up the eCard, and the sender can optionally be notified when the recipient picks up the card. Update: according to their website, this project is now "dormant", with no foreseeable updates.


[Update: it looks like this script is no longer available.] Sendcard comes with an installation wizard and password protected administration facilities. It supports JPEG, GIF, Flash, PNG, Java applets, Quicktime and other media types. Other facilities supported by the script include background music, emoticons, email notification of receipt, automatic deletion of cards, multiple recipients, smart template system, delayed sending of cards, statistics, etc. It supports 9 databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, MS SQL, mSQL, OCiB, ODBC, Oracle, and Sybase.

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