Free Online Office Suites

Cloud-based WordProcessors, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Drawing, Collaboration

Free Online Office Suites: WordProcessors, Spreadsheets, Presentation

Online office suites (or, in modern jargon, cloud-based office suites) provide you the ability to create, edit and share documents simply through your browser. Its advantage over their offline free word processors and office suites equivalents are that you can access and edit a document from anywhere, so long as you have access to a browser and an internet connection, and it is usually easy to share and collaborate over a document. Some of these free cloud-based office services even provide a chat window so that you can discuss with each other (even halfway across the world) while working on a document together. Like its offline equivalents, these suites usually provide facilities like the ability to work with wordprocessing documents, spreadsheets and presentation tools. One or more of them even have vector drawing tools.

Of course, if you have documents with sensitive business information, logic dictates that you shouldn't use such online services. You should use an offline office suite, and if you carry your documents around with you, you should also encrypt them.

Update: most of the free online office suites listed here are no longer available. As such, the list below may be empty (or only have an entry). I'm sorry, but I can only list the things that are available.

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Free Online Office Suites: WordProcessors, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Vector Drawing

Google Docs

Google Docs allow you to create basic documents, spreadsheets and presentations online, upload and edit your existing documents, including DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, PPT, etc. It handles things like bulleted lists, sorting, tables, images, comments, formulas, font changes, online collaboration where you can edit, present and view a document in real time (there's even an on-screen chat window), etc. You can also control the access to your documents, export the documents to a variety of supported formats, organize them into folders, and publish your document as a web page or post them to a blog.

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