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Modula-3 purports to be a systems programming language that has the type safety of the other members of the Pascal family of languages. It supports object-oriented programming and features exception handling, threads, isolation of unsafe code, automatic garbage collection, etc. The language was developed by DEC's System Research Center.

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Free Modula-3 Compilers

Critical Mass Modula-3 (CM3)

Critical Mass Modula-3 is an enhancement of DEC SRC Modula-3. It includes a Modula-3 compiler, run-time system and core libraries. It uses the GNU C Compiler as a backend to generate binaries. Supported platforms include Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and possibly others. This compiler is open source.

Persistent Modula-3

Persistent Modula-3 is an extension of the Modula-3 programming language. It adds support for orthogonal persistence and transactions. Platforms supported include Linux, Solaris and Alpha/OSF.

Polytechnique Montréal Modula-3

Polytechnique Montreal Modula-3, or PM3 for short, is based on DEC's SRC Modula-3, but is supposed to be easier to install and updated more frequently. The source code is available, as are binaries for Linux, FreeBSD, IRIX, BSDI, NT, Tru64v5, SPARC, etc.

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