Free Modula-2 Compilers

Free compilers for the Modula 2 language

Free Modula-2 Compilers

Modula-2 is a general purpose programming language created by Niklaus Wirth (creator of the Pascal language). The compilers (with or without an integrated development environment or editor) listed here either implement the ISO version of the Modula-2 language or the language defined in Wirth's Programming in Modula-2 (often referred to as "PIM").

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Free Modula-2 Compilers

GNU Modula-2

The GNU Modula-2 compiler implements the ISO Modula-2 language and is also able to compile the language defined in Wirth's Programming in Modula-2 (editions 2, 3 and 4). It uses the GNU C++ compiler to compile portions of the code. Interestingly, it can also be built as a cross compiler for the AVR and ARM The program is currently available in source form only and can be compiled on Unix-type systems like Linux, Mac OS X, Sparc Solaris and also Windows via Cygwin.

Gardens Point Modula-2 (GPM/CLR)

This is an implementation of the original Gardens Point Modula-2 compiler for Microsoft .NET. (The original implementation, which seems to have disappeared from the Internet, supported Linux, FreeBSD, and Sparc as well.) While it attempts to follow the language in the ISO standard, it does not implement all the features, nor does it have most of the ISO IO libraries. Please see the site for the details.

Ulm's Modula-2 System

Ulm's Modula-2 System comprises a Modula-2 compiler, Modula-2 beautifier, Modula-2 debugger, a Modula-2 tags utility (like ctags for C), an LALR(1) parser generator for Modula-2, a Modula-2-Prolog interpreter, and a Pascal to Modula-2 translator. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL (compiler and tools) and the GNU LGPL (library). It supports SPARCv8/Solaris 2.x and MC68020/SunOS 4.1x.

XDS Modula-2 / Oberon-2

This is a free optimizing ISO Modula-2 and Oberon-2 compiler that runs on Windows and Linux. It complies with the Modula-2 ISO 10514-1 language specification. Features include a TopSpeed Modula-2 compatibility mode (for convenience when compiling legacy code), seamless integration with Oberon-2 code as well as the ability to call functions in C shard libraries or DLLs and operating system APIs, built-in make and assembler, interactive debugger, disassembler, resource compiler, etc.

M2F Modula-2 Compiler

This is a complete Modula-2 compiler that is compliant with the second edition of Niklaus Wirth's Programming In Modula-2. It generates code for the Intel i86 family of processors and can even pipeline Pentium code. Source code is available. Precompiled binaries are available for Linux.

Maclogimo Plus

This is an unsupported Macintosh 68k Modula-2 compiler. It includes a compiler, linker, library modules and a loader. It generates native 68k code.

Modula-2 Compiler for IRIX

This is a Modula-2 compiler for IRIX released under the GNU GPL. It seems to be in a "Pre-Alpha" stage, with no new developments to the compiler since 2001.

Megamax Modula-2 for Atari ST

Megamax Modula-2 is a compiler for the Atari ST that is now released as freeware. It comes with complete source code for the libraries, compiler, linker, editors, etc. The documentation, in German, can also be downloaded from that site. (For those interested, you can get free Atari ST emulators here.)


[Update: this software is no longer available. For the record, it used to be found at, but that is a dead link now.] This is a Modula-2 programming environment for the Macintosh that is purportedly fast. It comprises a compiler, linker, dynamic linking-loader, symbolic debugger and editor.

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