Free Android Emulators

Run / Test / Develop Android Apps and Games on your PC or Mac

Free Android Emulators

The free Android emulators listed on this page allow you to run and test Android apps and games on your desktop or laptop computer by emulating an Android machine. Some of the emulators were written primarily with the running of Android games in mind, and so focus their attention on the features that make gameplay smooth and pleasant, while others are directed mainly at software developers, that is people who intend to use them to test their apps or games.

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Free Android Emulators

LDPlayer (Windows) New

LDPlayer emulates Android Nougat (version 7.1) on a PC for the purpose of playing Android games. It provides custom keyboard and mouse control, macro and script support, multiple instances, etc.

NoxPlayer (Windows, Mac OS X)

Designed to let you play Android games on your PC or Mac computer, the NoxPlayer features Android 7 support, keyboard, mouse and gamepad controls, script recording, multiple instances, etc.

MEmu (Windows)

MEmu features Android 7.1 support; multiple instances, so that you can play the same game on multiple accounts or multiple games on the same account; mouse, keyboard and game-pad; etc. It is ad-supported.

Android Studio Emulator (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

This emulator is part of the official Android Studio from Google. The software is primarily intended for developers creating Android apps and games. The emulator lets you test your app on a variety of Android configurations (ie, phones, tablets, Android TV) and simulate hardware features like GPS location, motion sensors, multi-touch, network latency, and so on.

Ko Player (Windows, Mac)

[Update (9 July 2020): this website appears to be down. I'm not sure if this is temporary or not, so I'm leaving the link here for now.] The KOPLAYER supports multiple accounts, video recording, keyboard and gamepad, etc. The latest version is for Windows only. An earlier version for the Mac OS X is also available. It uses Android 4.4 (KitKat).

Remix OS Player (Windows)

[Update: this software has been discontinued.] This emulator features Android Marshmallow (version 6.x), and is optimized for playing Android games. It features the ability to play multiple games at the same time, map unlimited buttons, etc.

AndY Android Emulator (Windows, Mac OS X)

[WARNING: there have been reports on various sites, including VirusTotal, a free virus scanning service from Google, that this emulator installs malware on your computer. Since I have no way of verifying whether this is true (apart from risking my own computer), I'm delinking this entry until this matter is cleared up.]

AndY uses Android Nougat (version 7.x) and features the ability to sync between desktop and mobile devices, a keyboard mapper, the ability to use your phone as a controller or an XBox/PS controller, multi-touch, Android access to your computer's file system, cloud save in Android, integration with sensors, camera and microphone, etc.

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