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Free Solitaire / Patience Card Games

The free Solitaire (or Patience) card games listed on this page are standalone / offline software, that is, programs that you can run on your computer without any connection to the Internet. The software may include collections of Solitaire games (eg, FreeCell, Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, Golf, etc) or be merely a single type of Patience game. Some of the programs may also be open source (that is, you can actually modify the program if you are a programmer).

If you have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, and are fed up with the advertisement-supported Solitaire games provided with those systems, the software listed below may serve as alternatives. (Chances are that there are more variations of Solitaire/Patience card games provided in the programs below than the ones included in Windows.)

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Free Patience / Solitaire Games

PySolFC (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, *BSD)

This solitaire software includes some 1,000 card games, such as Aces Up, Baker's Game, Canfield, FreeCell, Forty Thieves, Golf, Klondike, Pyramid, Scorpion, Spider, and Yukon (too many to list). (In case you're wondering about the unpronounceable name, the game was written in a programming language called Python, hence the "Py" prefix. The "Sol" portion is self-explanatory, and the "FC" stands for Fan Club.) Since the game is written in Python, it presumably should run on any system with a Python interpreter. The game is released under the GNU General Public License, and is open source.

Big Solitaires 3D (Windows, Linux)

This is a package of 40 solitaire games including Canfield, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Golf, Indian, Klondike, Lucky Fans, Montana, Rail, Russian, Scarab, Scorpion, Spider, Towers, Yukon, Z-Four, to name a few. There are Windows and Linux versions of the game. The source code is available under the GNU General Public License.

XM Solitaire (Windows)

XM Solitaire is a collection of some 200 card games, including FreeCell, Klondike, Fan, Spider, Pyramid, Gaps, and so on. The rules for the solitaire games are contained in XML files, so if you're enterprising, it's possible that you may be able to add games without having to modify the sourcec code. The program is released under the GNU General Public License.

Patience (Windows)

Patience comes with over 200 card games, including Klondike, Spider, Yukon, FreeCell, etc. It is a Windows program.

Patience Pack (Windows)

[Update: this program does not seem to be available any more.] The Patience Pack contains 120 card games, dice games and puzzles, including Klondike, Forty Thieves, Black Hole, Pyramid, Freecell, Yukon, etc. There are also non-card games as well, such as Mind Sweeper (or mindsweeper), Snakes and Ladders, Yahtzee, Enigma, etc. Unfortunately, the latest version requires you to have Java installed, but you can still download the earlier (.NET-based) version.

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