Free BeOS and BeOS Clone Operating Systems

Free/Open Source versions of the Be Operating System and Clones

Free BeOS and BeOS Clone Operating Systems

In its heyday, BeOS had many aficionados. Fans liked its clean and uncluttered GUI, its API, its support for multiprocessing, multithreading and preemptive multithreading, etc. Its last release was in 2001, but as you can see from my list below, the OS is not extinct. This page lists both the original BeOS operating system (released free by its makers) as well as its modern-day clone(s).

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Free Be Operating System and BeOS Clones

Haiku Operating System

Haiku is an open source operating system that is inspired by the Be Operating System, or BeOS. The aim of the project is for its initial 1.0 release to achieve binary and source compatibility with BeOS R5 as well as have the functionality of that release. It runs on x86 machines. Raw hard disk images of the operating system, still under development, are available, along with images that you can use under a PC emulator or virtual machine.

BeOS 5 Personal Edition

(Update: it appears that the BeOS 5 Personal Edition is no longer available.) The personal edition of BeOS release 5 is available free of charge, along with updates to the OS (scroll down the linked-to page to find the update). While this is the genuine OS, released free by its makers a long time ago, you will probably have problems getting it to work on modern hardware, since it does not recognize modern processors and cannot run with systems that have more than 1 GB RAM. (Remember, this is a very old OS.) If you don't mind third party patches, see the Max Edition elsewhere on this page. The system can be installed inside your Linux or Windows partition if you wish, although it may have problems if you install it on an NTFS partition.

BeOS 5 PE, Max Edition

(Update: it appears that the BeOS 5 PE Max Edition is no longer available.) The Max Edition of BeOS 5 PE is basically the original BeOS R5 Personal Edition (see elsewhere on this page) along with third-party patches that are supposed to fix some hardware incompatibilities with modern computers.

EOS: Emulator Operating System

(Update: this project appears to be gone.) EOS is an operating system that intends to be able to run programs from Windows, Linux, MS-DOS, BEOS, and AmigaOS. You thus don't need to worry about what operating system the program is designed for, just download it and run it. It is based on Linux and FreeBSD, and uses code from various other projects like WINE and ReactOS (see other entries on the Windows clones page).

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