Free Java Editors and IDEs

Free Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Free Java IDEs and Editors

Listed on this page are integrated development environment (IDE) specifically designed for writing Java code. These tools often allow you to compile and debug your Java program from the editor environment, as well as browse through your classes, etc.

If you are looking for more general editors or IDEs, or IDEs that can handle a variety of programming languages (including Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc) please check either the Free Programmers' Editors and IDE page and the Free HTML Editors, WYSIWYG Web Editors, PHP Editors page instead.

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Eclipse is an open source extensible IDE. At present, it works well as a Java IDE, and includes Java development tools. It requires that you have the Sun Java runtime environment (JRE) installed. The IDE supports Windows, Linux, Solaris, QNX, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS X, and possibly other systems as well.


NetBeans is a cross-platform open source IDE for Java that comes with a syntax highlighting code editor that supports code completion, annotations, macros, auto-indentation, etc. It includes visual design tools (wizards) for code generation. It integrates with numerous compilers, debuggers, Java Virtual Machines and other tools.

DrJava Java IDE

DrJava is an integrated development environment for Java, released under the GNU GPL, that allows you to interactively evaulate Java expressions. It is released under the BSD licence.


Jipe is a free Java IDE written in Java. It allows you to write and test Java applications and applets. Among its features are syntax highlighting, a Methods speedbar and project management. Since it's written in Java, it is presumably portable to all operating systems that has a Java Virtual Machine. The author appears to have tested it on both Windows and Linux.

BlueJ Java IDE

BlueJ is a Java IDE that has a built-in editor, compiler, virtual machine and debugger for writing Java programs. It also has a graphical class structure display, supports graphical and textual editing, allows interactive object creation, interactive testing and incremental application building.

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