Free GUI Builders and Application Builders

Free Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tools

Free GUI Builders, Application Builders and Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software

This page lists free and/or open source programs that let you quickly create a graphical user interface (GUI) for your applications using a visual interface. The GUI builders may (or may not, depending on the software) may allow you to build other aspects of your computer program using its interface (as opposed to writing programming code manually), such as to store and retrieve data from a database. Such programs provide a way for you to rapidly develop (or to simply prototype) your program, thus speeding up the development cycle. The software listed on this page typically have an integrated development environment (IDE) that is specifically designed to generate code for a particular set of library or framework.

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Free GUI Builders, Application Builders and Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software


WideStudio is an application builder that lets you create a cross-platform GUI program that can (optionally) interface with a database via ODBC. The included integrated development environment (IDE) includes a GUI builder that lets you design the application window as well as set up event procedures. The builder also has project management features, is able to create makefiles and automate the build process, and has the ability to generate cross platform source code for your application in C, C++, Java, Perl, Ruby and Python. Your application can be "internationalized" (that is, support multiple languages), as well as run on Windows, Windows CE, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, T-Engine and BTRON. The Multi-platform Widget Toolkit, or MWT, which the generated code uses, is included. The software is distributed under the X11/MIT licence, allowing your generated program to be distributed without source code or even attributing its origin. Commercial use is allowed.


This program is a cross-platform rapid application development (RAD) suite that includes a GUI builder, an IDE and a set of C++ libraries. There are visual designers for you to build your user interface (UI), a designer for you to build your help files and documentation, a code analyzer in the IDE that supports code completion, etc. The program comes with the MinGW C++ compiler, but the IDE can work with gcc, Visual C++ (including the free edition of the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler/IDE). Platforms supported include Windows and Linux. The program is licensed under a BSD licence.


If you are building GUI programs using the free WxWindows GUI library, you might be interested in WxHatch which allows you to build basic WxWindows applications with menus, dialog boxes, makefiles, etc, using a GUI interface.

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