Free Audio CD Rippers

Copy / Rip music tracks from a music CD to your hard disk or computer

Free Audio CD Rippers

This page lists free audio CD rippers (CDDA), that is, programs that allow you to copy (ie, rip) the music tracks from your music CD to your hard disk or computer. The files are usually copied via digital audio extraction (DAE), which means that the copy you extract will be identical to the original. Most, if not all, of the software will also allow you to convert the music to a different format. For example, they may allow you to encode your music tracks as MP3 files, in the Ogg format, or, if you prefer the unmodified track, as a WAV file (PCM). Conversion of your music to these formats may require the presence of programs called "audio codecs", which you can get free from the Free Audo Codecs page. The programs will also typically obtain the titles of the tracks you rip from a music database service (or CD database, "CDDB")and automatically name the files for you accordingly. You can of course change the way the software names it, or prevent the renaming altogether if you wish.

Note that in modern versions of Windows, you don't need a third-party software to rip music files from your CD. Windows Media Player (which comes with Windows) has built-in support for audio ripping.

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Free Music CD Rippers

AnyBurn New

Although AnyBurn is primarily a disc burning software (ie, a program to create CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs), it is also able to rip (ie, copy) audio CDs to mp3, flac, ape, wma or wav files. And it can also create audio CDs from mp3, m4a, flac, ape, wma and wav files.


This program is a free audio converter and CD ripper. As a CD ripper, it is able to automatically obtain the titles and artists of the songs you rip from the online CDDB/freedb title databases, so that you don't have to manually name your tracks. The music or audio tracks can be ripped to MP3 or WMA files, or you can use its conversion features to convert them to one of the other supported formats. Supported formats include MP3, MP4/M4A, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, WAV and Boink. This is a Windows program.


Audiograbber is a CD ripper that grabs digital audio from CDs, enabling you to make perfect copies of your original audio tracks. It is also able to normalize the music, delete the silence from the start and end of tracks, encode it to MP3 or WMA, obtain the names of your tracks from a Internet compact disc database (CDDB), etc.

Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy (EAC) is designed to grab (rip) tracks from even damaged audio CDs, such as scratched music CDs and the like. It does not only do the usual jitter correction (hidden section synchronization) that most other CD rippers do, it doublechecks and rereads the sectors to ensure that the music files it copies are read correctly. Like other rippers, your music files can be converted to MP3 or other formats.


[WARNING: I have been informed by someone that the downloaded file installs unwanted programs (possibly referring to adware or even malware). I have not verified this, but you should probably take precautions if you want the program. The site is located at (I didn't directly link to them to protect those who click links without reading my descriptions, and thus may inadvertantly be at risk.)]

CDex is a CD ripper and music encoder. It extracts your audio tracks digitally from a CD and copies it to your computer as a WAV file, or, at your option, in a compressed format like MP3, MP2, Ogg, VQF, FAAC or WMA. It is also capable of converting the music files on your hard disk between the supported formats. It obtains music album information from a local or remote CD database (CDDB). The program works on Windows.

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