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Free Disk Utilization Management and Reporting Software

The tools listed on this page scans your hard disk and reports on how it is used. While the exact reports differ from utility to utility, reports typically tell you how much space is used by each folder/directory or file or file type. The report may be depicted graphically, either in a pie chart or bar graph or some other means. Such utilities are useful when you want to find out where the space in that gigantic hard disk you bought disappeared to, or why your hard disk is suddenly showing so little space, or even just to find out which file/folder is taking up most of the disk space.

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Free Disk and File Usage Visualization and Reporting Tools

WinDirStat: Windows Directory Statistics (Windows)

WinDirStat allows you to either show the directory statistics for all local drives, or select the drive you want information about. It is able to show you the disk and file usage by folder name and filename, in a treelist, as well as sort the total size of files with a particular file extension. There is also a very colourful treemap where everything is depicted pictorially. Other features include the ability to show the free space, the ability to delete ("clean up") files when selected within its treelist, open a command prompt at a particular folder location from within the program, etc. This is a Windows clone of KDirStat (see elsewhere on this page.)

KDirStat: Graphical Disk Usage utility (Linux, etc)

KDirStat displays information much like the command line "du" tool, but in either a treemap or a directory tree. It's treemap report provides a visual feast with different colours for different file types. The program is configurable and you can change the appearance of the graphical output, define cleanup actions to be assigned to the context menu, etc. This is a KDE program, which means that it works under Linux and other operating systems using the K Desktop Environment.

JDiskReport (Windows, Mac OS X)

JDiskReport provides a variety of reports on the files and folders on your hard disk, including showing the distribution of your file types on the drive, distribution of modification dates and sizes, the largest 100 files, the oldest and newest 100 files, and so on. This program requires that you have Java installed on your system.

Disktective: Freeware Disk Space Reporting Tool (Windows)

This Windows program shows you a tree list of your folders and their usage, as well as a pie chart of your disk. The tree list report is given in bytes while the pie chart shows the percentage of your disk that is used by the directories.

FoldersReport (Windows)

FoldersReport shows you the statistics of the drive or folder it scans, including the sizes, number of files, the number of hidden files, number of compressed files, and the number of sub-folders.

DirLot - Folder Size Report Utility: Visualization of Disk Space Distribution (Windows)

DirLot is a Windows script that shows the number of bytes, KB or MB, as well as percentage used by the various folders and files on your disk.

Disk Usage (Windows)

Disk Usage, from Microsoft's Sysinternals, is a simple command line utility patterned after the Unix utility of the same name. It displays the usage of the requested directory/file and its descendents as well as a cumulative total.

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