Free Morphing Software

Create Warping, Transitioning and Distorting Special Effects

Free Morphing Software for Creating Warping, Transitioning and Distorting Special Effects

Morphing, or digital image warping, is an animation effect that transforms one image to another. The characters or objects in one image appear to morph, or change, into the character/object in the second image in a seamless fashion. You have probably seen such an effect in movies where a person changes into another, for example, in Terminator 2. The morphing software typically creates the necessary transition frames so that there is a smooth change from one photo to the next. Some software can also make you look thinner, fatter, taller or shorter than you actually are. The ability to warp or distort a photo is of course not restricted to this, it can change any aspect of a picture that you wish (eg, make your nose bigger or grow like Pinocchio's).

Programs like this typically require you to mark key features of one photo and indicate the corresponding key feature in the second image. This allow the program to create a more realistic animation showing the transition from one image to the other. The output format of the animation produced by the program varies from software to software; check the mini-reviews below for more information of each software listed.

Apart from the fun factor for such programs, they can also be useful if you're creating your own videos/movies. Apart from creating effects like something disintegrating into dust, they can also be used for things like one scene smoothly dissolving into another. Incidentally, if you're creating your own videos or movies, you may also want to see the Free Video Editors (Video Editing Software) and Free Video Capture and Recording Software pages for more free software.

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Free Morphing Software for Creating Warping, Transitioning and Distorting Special Effects

Sqirlz Morph (Windows)

Sqirlz Morph lets you create an animation that shows someone or something in one picture transform smoothly into another image. You do this by placing marking certain features on a set of images so that the program knows which feature is to change into the corresponding feature in another image. You can use multiple photos or images. The animation can be saved as AVI video clips, Flash files (SWF), bitmap files and JPEG files. You can also morph one or more AVI videos.

WinMorph (Windows)

WinMorph is a morphing and warping software for Windows that features shape-based morphing; keyframing, blending and distortion tools; and dynamic morphing (ie, video morphing). It accepts input files that can be in the JPEG, BMP, PCX, PNG, PBM, TGA or TIFF formats, and creates output files in one of the following formats: MPEG, Flash SWF, AVI, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TGA, or TIFF.

xmorph and gtkmorph (Windows, Linux)

The open source xmorph and gtkmorph are graphical front-ends to libmorph, a digital image warping library.


[Update: this service is no longer available.] Morph Thing is an online morphing service that lets you upload two photos of faces. The online program will then create a static JPEG (JPG) file that shows the two faces merged into each other. That is, this service creates static images, not animations, of warped images. WARNING: at the time I checked this site, some of the images displayed on the main page (probably created by their users) are not safe for work.

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