Free RAM Memory Diagnostics (Software Utilities)

Memory Diagnostic Tools to Scan for Bad RAM Chips

Free RAM Memory Diagnostics (Software Utilities)

The free RAM/memory diagnostic tools listed here check your computer's system memory for errors so that you can decide whether or not you need to repair/replace a faulty RAM chip on your system. Since RAM errors manifest themselves in many forms, such as corrupted files, unexplained glitches, and so on, it's difficult to tell whether a particular system fault is the result of a bad RAM chip or some other problem. The diagnostic utilities here will run a series of checks by writing and reading values into all locations of your memory to see if any of them are faulty.

Memory diagnostic tools typically come in the form of ISO files, which you burn to a blank CD or DVD using a CD or DVD burning software. (Note that you will have to burn it as a disk image, and not as a normal data file.) Once your software is on the CD, put it in your drive and restart your computer, booting directly from the CD. The software will then run and check your system for RAM problems.

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Free RAM Memory Diagnostics (Software Utilities)

MemTest86+ Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

MemTest86+ is a RAM tester that checks your computer's memory for bad RAM chips. It has support for a wide variety of hardware. Besides testing your RAM for problems, it also displays your motherboard's Front Side Bus (FSB) and memory frequencies, PAT status, memory timings, ECC status, and the number of memory channels. It is open source, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

MemTest86 Memory Diagnostic

MemTest86 comes in the form of an ISO file, which you can burn to a blank CD or DVD with an appropriate CD/DVD burning software to create a bootable CD that will help you troubleshoot errors on your system by testing your system memory. Source code is also available.

Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic

(Update: this program is no longer available as a separate download since it is integrated into Windows 7, and presumably later versions. Run it by typing "mdsched.exe" into the start menu.) This memory diagnostic software, from Microsoft, performs a "comprehensive set of memory tests" on the Random Access Memory on your computer. It runs its set of memory tests in multiple passes, until you decide to stop. The downloadable file can either create a bootable floppy disk with the program on it, or an ISO file.

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