Free Online Backup

Internet hard drive to backup your files/data offsite

Free Online Backup, Internet Hard Drive for Offsite Backup

Free online backups (or "cloud-based backup" as the modern lingo would have it) allow you to store backups of your files offsite. If any disaster should occur at your location (perish the thought), at least you can still access the backup copy of your files since it's probably kept in a different part of the country (or even world - depending on where you are relative to the service). You can then access your files and even share them from anywhere. Some of the services allow you to automatically schedule backups, and keep different versions (or generations) of your files, so, if for example, if you are working on a file all day, and find that you deleted an important section of your document in your latest "save", you can recover an earlier version of the saved and backed up file (something like version control software except that this is primarily a backup solution). Some, if not all, of the backup solutions also encrypt your files, hopefully making it inaccessible to anyone except those with a password.

Another possible use for such services is if you are travelling and do not want to lug around your data with you. You can then back it up to the service, and access it from wherever you may be.

NOTE: free online backup hosts come and go with great frequency. As such, the list below may become somewhat thin (or even empty) since I usually delete entries when those cloud-based backup sites disappear (provided I know of their closure). I suspect the reasons for their disappearance is pretty much the same as those for free web hosts.

If you need more reliability, you may want to consider signing up for a commercial web host and doing your own manual backups.

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Free Offsite Backup, Free Online Hard Disk

IDrive Basic

You get 5 GB of backup space. Other than that, I'm not sure what options you're given. (No information is provided.)

XDrive - Free Secure Online Storage

(UPDATE: Xdrive closed its services permanently on 12 January 2009.) XDrive supplies you with 5 GB of space to store your files, music, photos and what-have-you. The backup software runs on Windows, and provides automatic backups of your data. You can also drag and drop files to be backed up as well. An alternative way to access the backup is via your browser, from which you can backup and restore files from anywhere.

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