Free Uninstallers

Remove files, registry keys, associations, icons left behind after you uninstall a program

Free Uninstallers

The free uninstallers on this page allow you to remove programs, their associated components and files, the registry keys, file associations and data created by a program when it installs. The uninstallers on this page are mostly for the Windows system. (If you use Linux, you should just use the package manager provided on your system to remove programs you don't want.)

Note that while some of the uninstallers have additional features over and above a program's default uninstaller, you should always be careful when using such third-party uninstallers to remove programs. There is always a danger that they remove more things than they should, leaving your system unusable. A couple of the programs on this page (at the time I write this) have the facility where they actually "watch" an installation, to track the files, associations and registry keys created by a program's installer. This allows the uninstaller to be more thorough, and hopefully more accurate, in uninstalling software.

Incidentally, if you like to install programs just to test them out, and then promptly uninstall them when you're through, you may want to consider running a Virtual Machine or Emulator (free). That way, you can install and uninstall programs with impunity in the virtual machine without risking your main machine or degrading its performance with gradually accumulating crud as a result of many installs/uninstalls of software.

Another way is to make a backup image of your hard disk before you install, and just restore that image again after you have finished playing with that program. Free backup programs to do this can be found on the Free Hard Disk Backup, Image and Cloning Software page.

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Free Uninstallers

UninstallView (Windows) New

This program displays all the programs installed on your system that have placed uninstall entries in the Windows registry. It uninstalls by running the official uninstaller registered by the installed software. If the latter has also provided a means for silent uninstallation, UninstallView can also run that if you elect to do so. The program can list programs installed by the current user or all users on the local or a remote computer. It can also uninstall data from a shadow copy on the system.

ZSoft Uninstaller (Windows)

Besides providing an interface to an application's uninstall program, this uninstaller can also analyze the installation of a new program by analyzing the system before and after you install a particular program in order to track all the things that have changed.

Quick Uninstaller (Windows)

This open source program is not very much more than the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs applet. It provides an interface to a program's uninstaller, shows you details about the program, allows you to edit the software uninstall commands, exports the software list to a text file, etc. It has a multilingual interface.

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