Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Web Hosting

Host your Site in its Own Virtual Server

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Web Hosting

Have you ever wanted to put your website into its own machine but do not need all the power and space of a full dedicated web server? Virtual Private Servers, or VPS, fill that intermediate space. VPS are basically virtual machines, much like one that you might run on your own computer to mimic another PC running within your computer. To the web server and operating system running within the VPS, it appears as though they own the entire computer. Each VPS has a certain amount of disk space, RAM and bandwidth allocated.

Web hosts that provide VPS often give their customers virtually complete control over their VPS, allowing them root access (or administrator's access). You can thus usually install and run any software you want into your VPS, host any number of domains you wish, and so on. You are basically the boss of your own virtual server.

While Virtual Private Servers have certain benefits over full dedicated web servers, you should note that it usually runs slower with less resources than if you were to have your own real dedicated server. If your website has drastically outgrown shared web hosting, a VPS may not necessarily be the best solution. You may need to go with Dedicated Servers (Web Hosting) instead.

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VPS Web Hosting Virtual Dedicated Hosting

This web host offers VPS hosting, which they call "Virtual Dedicated Servers", for as low as $29.99 per month (paid monthly; if you pay for longer periods in one go, the amount is smaller). This package includes 10 GB of disk space, 500 GB of bandwidth, FTP, SSL certificate, 3 dedicated IP addresses, PHP, Perl, etc.

DreamHost Managed VPS Hosting

This web host offers several VPS hosting packages for as low as $10.00 per month. The cheapest package provides 1 GB RAM (which you can increase/upgrade, if you need to), 30 GB SSD storage, unlimited websites, unlimited traffic, unlimited email at your domain, free SSL certificates, a control panel, unlimited MySQL databases, etc.

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