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Free AJAX Resources: Source Code, Tools, Libraries and Frameworks

AJAX web applications, made famous by GMail and Google Maps, seem to be the flavour of the month in some circles. Using a combination of HTML/XHTML, XML, CSS, DOM scripting via JavaScript, and XMLHttpRequest (for exchanging data with a server asynchronously), AJAX allows you to do many interactive things with your website, making it appear almost like a native application running on your system. Incidentally, in case you were wondering, AJAX is an acronym for "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML".

If you are looking for a tutorial on Ajax, you might want to try the following online articles from IBM:

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Free Toolkits, Frameworks, Libraries and Source Code for DOM Scripting, DHTML and Ajax

Dojo, the JavaScript Toolkit

Dojo is a library for JavaScript that may help speed up your development of JavaScript web applications by providing components that you can use to add functionality to your web pages and make them more responsive and usable. It supports Safari 2.0.x+, Opera 8.5+, Firefox 1.0+ (as well as Mozilla), Konqueror 3.5+ as well as Internet Explorer 5.5+ (Windows).

Google Web Toolkit - Build AJAX applications in the Java language

Google Web Toolkit helps you in developing AJAX web applications like Google Maps and Gmail by taking care of many of the browser dependencies under the hood. Your applications are built using Java, and the toolkit translates it into JavaScript and HTML that works across a number of browsers, including IE, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla and Safari. You can also intermix JavaScript into your code. Other features include the ability to create widgets and lay out widgets, debug your applications using advanced Java debugging facilities, simple remote procedure calls (RPCs), automatic management of the browser's back button, etc.

Yahoo! User Interface Library

Yahoo! supplies a number of utilities and controls for use in your AJAX and DHTML web applications. They are released under a BSD licence. The library, called the YUI library for short, is written in JavaScript. It features a calendar, containers (which includes tooltips, dialogs, etc), menus, sliders, treeviews, autocomplete, a drag and drop utility, an animation utility, CSS fonts, CSS page grids, and so on. Update: the YUI library is no longer being actively maintained

Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

The Yahoo! Design Pattern Library features a variety of patterns, which are defined by them as optimal solutions to common problems. Each problem comes with text describing the solution. Among the many patterns described are animation transitions, collapse transitions (such as when you want to collapse an item on a page), dim transitions, expand transitions, fade-in transitions, self-healing transitions, slide transitions, spotlight transitions, page grids, tool tips, hover, etc.

ZK Framework Community Edition

ZK Framework Community Edition allows you to create your Ajax applications using XUL and XHTML components and manipulate them by listening to events triggered by visitors to your site. Your application runs on the server side with only the visual user interface at the client side (browser). Scripting is done with Java. ZK Framework Community Edition is relased under the LGPL.

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