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Forth is a procedural stack-based computer programming language. The language is modular and extensible, does not have any type checking or specific grammar. You can typically interactively enter and execute commands in Forth, or compile a program in the traditional way as with other languages. The free Forth compilers listed below may either implement the ANSI Forth 94 standard (frequently referred to as "ANS Forth") or some subset of the standard.

If you are looking for documentation or tutorials on learning or using the Forth language, you may wish to look at the selection of Forth books on

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Free Forth Compilers and Forth Development Systems


This is a public domain ANS Forth implementation written in C. It supports the Core, Core Extensions, File-Access, Floating-Point, Locals, Programming-Tools and Strings word sets. Features include the ability to link C code, conditional compilation, a single step debugger, vectored execution and so on. It is very portable, and can run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Amiga, BeOS, Beagle Board, Nokia Communicator, SGI Indys, 3DO ARM systems, 3DO PowerPC systems, WebTV systems, Hitachi SH4, OpenTV prototypes, Compaq Ipaq 3970, Sharp LH79520 ARM processor, etc.


This Forth implementation, ciforth, is described as a "factory for making implementations of Forth" for Intel-based operating systems by its developer. It implements the language specified by the ANS 94 standard. It generates an assembler file, a Forth source library and a generic documentation file (in texinfo format) and supports 16, 32 and 64 bit targets. (You will of course need an assembler to process the assembly language output.) Releases are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android. The site says that "a lot of the programs and tools" are public domain, while the remainder are released under the GNU General Public License.

Gforth Forth Compiler

Gforth is GNU's Forth compiler, and like many of the GNU tools, it is portable to a number of systems. It implements the ANSI Forth language. From the documentation, this Forth compiler "employs traditional implementation techniques: its inner interpreter is indirect or direct threaded".

4tH Forth Compiler/Interpreter

4tH is a compiler/interpreter that handles Forth-like source code. It supports MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, Coherent, AIX, SunOS, BOS, BOS-X, BSD, Macintosh OS X, BeOS, RISC-OS, etc. It is a full Forth compiler that generates intermediate bytecode that can run (using its runtime presumably) under any of the supported systems.

ATLAST Embeddable Forth

ATLAST is an embeddable FORTH-like language, originally developed by Autodesk, Inc, and is based on the FORTH-83 language with numerous extensions. It is portable to MSDOS, OS/2, Macintosh, and many Unix systems. Embedding this Forth into your application allows you to extend provide your users with a very powerful macro facility. This Forth compiler is released into the public domain.


Win32Forth is an ANSI Forth compiler that comes with an interactive console, an integrated source level debugger, a syntax highlighting integrated editor, etc.


SP-Forth is an optimizing Forth compiler and interpreter producing for Windows, Linux and Kolibri OS.

Forth32: an MSDOS excerpt of fig-Forth

This is another 32-bit Forth compiler excerpted from figForth (see elsewhere on this page). This one runs on MSDOS.

figforth Forth Development System

figForth is a complete Forth development system for Linux and MSDOS. It comes with sample programs, benchmarks, an assembler, a decompiler, an editor and of course, documentation. It is released under the GNU GPL.

Lina Forth Compiler

This is a 32 bit ISO Forth compiler/interpreter for Linux. It uses indirect threaded code. It has a loadable assembler.

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