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Educational programming language: program graphic turtles

Free Logo Compilers and Interpreters

The Logo programming language has been used to teach programming to children, as well as to create modeling environments for a variety of purposes. At its most basic form, the language allows you to program a "turtle" to move around the screen, drawing lines as it does so. Some of the implementations below have extended the language in a variety of ways, such as to add multiple turtles, multi-threading, image handling, a 3D world, etc.

Note that there are also other other educational programming languages available if your intention is to introduce kids to programming. For those who are interested in robotics, you may also be interested in the Free Lego Mindstorms Compilers and Programming Languages.

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Free Logo Implementations

Liogo Logo Compiler

Liogo is a Logo compiler for .NET. Logo is a programming language that allows you to manipulate a "turtle", which you direct around the screen to draw a variety of things (among other things). Liogo compiles your program either to a Windows EXE file, or a DLL.


FMSLogo is the name of the community-developed version of MSWLogo (listed elsewhere on this page). It features standard Logo parsing, turtle graphics, bitmapped turtles, exception handling, TCP/IP networking, MIDI devices, serial and parallel port communications, calling into native DLLs, event-driven programming (mouse, keyboard, timer), saving and loading BMP images, creation of animated GIFs, ability to control multimedia devices like WAV sound files, CD-ROM controls, and so on. This is a Windows program. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


aUCBLogo is an open source Logo interpreter for Windows and Linux.

StarLogo TNG

StarLogo TNG is a version of the Logo programming language that allows you to control thousands of graphic turtles in parallel. The turtles are also able to interact with each other and their world, changing their behaviour according to what they detect. The authors describe StarLogo as a "programmable modeling environment for exploring the workings of decentralized systems" from which you can "model (and gain insights into) many real-life phenomena". It was written in Java and as such works in Windows, Linux and Mac. The licence allows free use but distribution only for non-commercial purposes. Source code is available.


OpenStarLogo is a version of StarLogo TNG that comes with source code, although it is free to use for non-commercial purposes only. Versions are available for Windows and MacOS.


NetLogo describes itself as a "cross-platform, multi-agent programmable modeling environment", useful for simulating natural and social phenomena. It is suited for modeling complex systems developing over time. The model can be viewed in 2D or 3D. The language is basically a Logo dialect with extensions to support agents. Double precision floating point mathematics is supported. NetLogo requires Windows. You need to supply some particulars before you can download this Logo environment.

Berkeley Logo

A free implementation of Logo, complete with source code, for Unix, DOS/Windows and Macintosh. (You will have to scroll down the destination page to find it.)


MSWLogo is an implementation of Logo with multimedia enhancements. Runs on Windows with a GUI interface and extensions.

Elicia (Logo Implementation)

[Update: this site does not seem to be reachable any more. For the record, it used to be found at] Elicia is a Logo implementation that allows 3D animation of user-programmable objects. It requires Windows XP.

TinyLogo - Logo Programming Environment

[Update: this site does not seem to be reachable any more. For the record, it used to be available at] TinyLogo allows you to write and run Logo programs on the Palm computer. It comes with over 90 built-in procedures and allows you to extend the language by writing your own procedures. It supports Palm III, Palm IIIx and Palm V.

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