Free Image Pop-Up JavaScripts

Pop up a larger version of an image overlaying the web page

Free Image Pop-Up JavaScripts (Where Image Overlays Current Web Page)

The scripts (written in JavaScript) listed on this page allow you to pop up an image (for example, a larger version of the thumbnail picture clicked) that overlays the existing web page (instead of replacing it the way a normal link would). Such scripts typically provide a close button (usually an "X" at the top right of the image) and possibly also a way to scroll through the images in a set (using "Next" or "Previous" buttons, or their equivalents, such as "<" and ">" arrows) as though they are part of an image gallery. Webmasters typically place one or more thumbnails (smaller versions of the image) on the web page, and allow their visitors to click the image to cause a larger version to appear over the page.

Many of the scripts listed also support content other than images, such as normal text, Flash, YouTube videos, AJAX, and so on.

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Free Image Pop-Up JavaScripts (Where Image Overlays Current Web Page)


FancyTop displays the images in a box that floats on top of the web page. It comes with a number of transitions that you can use, such as "fade", "elastic" and "none". You can set captions/titles for your pictures and position them outside the picture frame, on the frame itself, or overlaying the picture. Picture galleries are supported as well, and you can use the left and right arrows on the pop-up image as well as the mouse scroll wheel to navigate through the gallery. The script uses the JQuery library.


Thickbox can be used to pop up images, text and other content (even Flash) on your site. It supports individual images as well as a gallery of pictures. In the case of the latter, the user can scroll through the images using the "Prev" and "Next" links on the picture frame. This script uses the JQuery library.


The Lightbox script pops up your image (either a standalone picture or one that is part of set) over the existing web page. If there are multiple images in that set, the JavaScript displays right and left navigation arrows so that the user can scroll through the gallery while they are enlarged. If you wish, you can configure the script to always show the arrows on a touch screen (otherwise they will only be displayed when your mouse hovers over the correct edge of the picture), show captions on your images, etc. The script uses the JQuery library. One caveat, though, is that if you want your website to validate correctly when using this script, the pages it need to be in HTML5 since Lightbox requires the use of custom data-* attributes.

NyroModal JQuery Plugin

NyroModal supports the popping up of images and other content in a modal window that overlays your page. If used on a set of images, it allows the user to scroll through them using small arrows that show up on the left and right side of the picture when the mouse hovers near it. The script uses the JQuery library.


PiroBox displays images, image galleries, text, Flash and other content in a pop up that opens up over your web page. Navigation controls are provided so that the user can move through the gallery and close the window. The script uses the JQuery library.

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