Free Online Photo Editors

Edit your pictures using only your web browsers

Free Online Photo Editors

The free online photo editors allow you to edit your photographs and pictures online, without having to install image or photo editing programs onto your computer. While it's generally more convenient and efficient to download and install your own (free) photo editor software, sometimes it's not possible because you may be using someone else's computer. With these online editors, all you have to do is to use your browser to upload your photos and edit them right from your web browser. Another advantage with an online photo editor is that you can work from any operating system you want, be it Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or otherwise. Note though, don't fool yourself that the online versions offer features anywhere close to what you can get from the offline editors.

Some of these services may also allow you to directly post your pictures to photo sharing web hosts.

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Free Online Photo Editing

Photoshop Express Editor

You can upload and store your photographs (up to 2 GB's worth) and edit it. The provided tools are essentially for you to do a very basic touch-up of your photos, such as to crop or resize it, auto-correct, remove red-eye, change the photo's exposure, simple touch-up (eg to remove a blemish from a face), change the saturation, modify the white balance, sharpen a photo, give it a soft focus, change the hue or change the photo to black and white, add a tint to the photo, transform your photo so that it looks like a sketch, or distort your photo. You need to register for an account before you can use the service.

Picture2Life — Edit, Collage, Animate and Share Pictures Online

You can crop your photos, change the background colour, adjust the softness of your pictures, create a collage from multiple pictures using a selection of customizable layouts, animate your pictures by creating a slideshow of the photos, and share (publish) your photos online with this online photo editing service.

Pixenate — Online Photo Editor

This service provides you the tools to rotate your pictures, crop and resize them, enhance, fill light, remove red eye, whiten, zoom, add text, add filters, add effects, round the edges, etc. Your images can be saved to your own computer or uploaded to Flickr.

Preloadr — Image Processing

This service is designed to work with photos uploaded to Flickr. No registration is needed to use the service, but you will have to log into your Flickr account to access your pictures. Tools provided include cropping, sharpening, colour correction, etc.

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