Free Image/Photo Slide Show JavaScript

Rotate Pictures in a Slideshow

Free Image/Photo Slide Show JavaScript

If you want to put a series of photos or other types of images on your website, one way is to present them in a slide show that automatically switches to a different picture in the series after a set period of time. The free JavaScript photo or image slide show scripts listed below allow you to do just that. Some of them also provide controls (mostly left and right arrows, or some other type of "Next" and "Previous" controls) that let your visitors manually scroll through the pictures should they want to do so; others also include a "Pause" button that lets the user stop the automatic sliding so that he/she can take a longer look at the picture.

Those who are looking for something that will pop up a larger version of an image, and possibly allow their visitors to go to the next picture in the series manually (like a slide), should also look at the Free Image Pop-Up JavaScripts (Where Image Overlays Current Web Page) page.

In addition, you may also want to look at the Free Banner Rotation JavaScripts: Rotate Advertisements, Photos, Banners page for other scripts if you don't like those listed below. The banner rotation scripts listed there are scripts that rotate a series of images too (although they have other functions as well, like making the picture clickable so that it can be used as an advertising banner).

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Free Image/Photo Slide Show JavaScript

A Better Simple Slideshow New

This slide show Javascript displays your pictures with options for automatically advancing the slide after a customizable period of time, and/or manually changing them. It also supports the use of the keyboard arrow keys to advance the slides (or to go backwards). It is mobile friendly and allows multiple slideshows per page.

Tigra Fader

This JavaScript image slide show software not only does the usual switching of pictures after a preset amount of time, but if your visitor is using a modern browser, is also able to create a cross fade effect when transitioning to the next picture. You can also configure the software to "shuffle" your pictures, that is, show the pictures in a random order. All the pictures needed on the page is loaded when your main web page is loaded ("pre-cached"). The software works on modern versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari, although the script will still show the first image if your visitor is using an old version of the browser.

Step Carousel Viewer

This script displays a series of images by scrolling them either from left to right or right to left. Controls are provided for your visitors to manually step back or forward to any picture they wish. Configurable features include the ability to specify whether you want the pictures to wrap around when the script has finished displaying the last item; being able to control the appearance of the "next" and "previous" arrows by substituting your own images; the facility to control the wide of your panel, so as to display more than one photo at a time; etc. The script works in IE, Firefox and Opera.

JavaScript Image Slideshow

This Javascript lets you display a series of images on your website in a slideshow that automatically switches pictures after a preset amount of time. Your visitors can also manually skip to any picture in the series, or even pause the slideshow, using the controls that appear near the bottom of each image. The script works in modern versions of IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

Minimalist Image Slideshow

[Update: this program is no longer available.] In spite of its name, this JavaScript is a fully-featured slide show software that you can embed into your web page to display images that automatically change after a period of time. You can place a caption for each picture that is displayed in a transparent overlay over the bottom part of your picture, along with left and right arrows so that your users can manually move forward or backward in your deck of slides if they wish. It's possible to make each picture into a clickable link (and so use your slide show as a sort of advertisement that leads to various parts of your website or other sites). The amount of time the script takes before displaying the next slide is configurable. You can also insert as many slide shows on a single page as you wish. The script works on modern versions of Internet Explorer (ie, IE 9), Firefox, Opera and Chrome (and possibly older browsers with some loss of function).

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