What's New in Logtime

History of changes (Changelog) in the free ISP online timer

What's New in Logtime

This page gives the history of changes in Logtime, the free utility for tracking ISP online time and costs.

In the text that follows, "[Linux]", "[Win32]", "[Win16]" means that the item applies only to the Linux, Windows 95/98/NT and Windows 3.1 versions of Logtime respectively.

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End of Life (EOL) Notice (18 April 2008)

Logtime is no longer being updated. It was written in an era (mid 1990s) when dial up connections were the norm and ISPs charged according to the time you spent online. Those days are for the most part long gone, replaced by either unlimited broadband internet access or ISPs that charge according to how much data you transfer over a broadband connection. Logtime was not designed to monitor such connections and is thus obsolete for today's users.

This doesn't mean that it has stopped working. If you are currently using Logtime for your Internet monitoring and it works fine for you, it will not stop working just because I wrote these 2 paragraphs. But since I no longer update Logtime, it may not work with newer versions of your operating system or even newer updates (such as after applying hotfixes or service packs) to your system.

Version 2.1d (23 August 2002)
  1. [NT/2000/XP] Fixed: longstanding bug where it was not possible to configure Logtime to automatically run when Windows NT/2000 starts. You used to have to put Logtime in your startup group yourself.
  2. [Win32] [Linux] Minor documentation fixes and updates.
Version 2.1c (4 November 1999)
  1. [Win32][Linux] Fixed: Logtime would fail to display the raw log entries of the last day if you chose to view a specific period (rather than the whole log). Don't worry: your log was actually recorded properly and the computation of your costs was not affected - this bug only affected you when you tried to view the raw entries in your log file using a range of dates.
  2. [Linux] Fixed: Logtime would fail to delete the log entries of the last day of a period that you specified with -d on the command line.
  3. [Win32] Fixed: if you lose a connection while monitoring using the RAS method, and immediately reconnect, Logtime may sometimes fail to detect that there was any break in connection (ie, it might think that you had been continuously connected).
  4. [Win32] Updated/added some ISP configuration (import) files.
  5. [Win32][Linux] New: Added the Logtime FAQ to the distribution files.
  6. [Win32] Updated: minor documentation updates.
Version 2.1b (11 June 1999)
  1. [Win32] Logtime can now check if Windows crashed during an online session and fix your log file accordingly
  2. [Win32] You can now right click on the Logtime icon in the system tray to get a context menu of some commonly used items.
  3. [Win32] If your ISP provides a callback service, you can now configure Logtime to monitor incoming calls under the Telephony method of monitoring.
  4. [Win32] Changed: if you have never configured Logtime before (ie, you are a new user), Logtime will now use the RAS method of monitoring for connections by default. Don't worry, upgraders will have their settings preserved and respected. This applies only to new users.
  5. [Win32] Updated: added/updated ISP configuration files
  6. [Win32] Fixed: if ESC was pressed in 2.1a's main dialog window, and you were not monitoring the line, the Logtime window disappeared from view, but it was actually still running in the background. It was not a problem if you were monitoring and Logtime was in the system tray, since you could easily just open the window again.
  7. [Win32] Fixed: other minor bugs.
Version 2.1a (17 January 1999)
  1. [Win32][Linux] You can now elect to view the raw log entries for a particular ISP only (instead of having to always view the entries for all the ISPs). (Note for Linux users - this means that the -w option has an additional sub-option for you to specify the ISP.)
  2. [Win32] You can now completely hide the Logtime icon when monitoring (if you like).
  3. [Win32] Added import files.
  4. [Win32] Fixed: no longer restricts the minimum charge and the connection charge in the options dialog box to 2 decimal places. This was a fault of the user interface code only - Logtime handles multiple decimal places in its internal computation.
  5. [Win32] Fixed: minor online documentation fixes and updates.
  6. [Win32][Linux] Other minor fixes and changes.
Version 2.1 (14 December 1998)
  1. [Win32] Logtime is now able to automatically detect which of your ISPs you have connected to, even if you have multiple ISPs defined. It is also able to log the connection only after your password has been authenticated!
  2. [Win32][Linux] Logtime now supports a new rounding option. You can now elect for Logtime to round up only after accumulating all the connection time for the month/week, instead of rounding after each session.
  3. [Win32][Linux] You can now get a breakdown of your calls (login and logout times) and save them or print them out.
  4. [Win32] You can save your overall usage log to a text file now. (Linux users could always do this).
  5. [Win32][Linux] You now have greater flexibility in deleting old log entries - you can specify a range of dates for which the entries are to be deleted, and you can specify a particular ISP or all the ISPs.
  6. [Win32][Linux] The usage report is now more informative: it computes for you the amount payable to your ISP including your fixed monthly/weekly fee, it also displays the amount of prepaid time you have outstanding.
  7. [Win32] You now have better visual feedback when automatically monitoring a connection. Logtime changes the colour of the system tray icon when there is a connection and gives you the amount of time you have online as well as the ISP that you are currently connected to.
  8. [Win32][Linux] Fixed bugs.
  9. [Win16] Windows 3.1 version is no longer supported.
Versions 2.0c and Earlier

Information relating to versions prior to 2.0c have been removed from this page to keep its size small.

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