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Free PHP Mailing List and Newsletter Subscription Scripts

Mailing list scripts allow visitors to your site to subscribe to an email newsletter or ezine, using a form on their site. A script that supports a "double opt-in" email subscription will usually require the visitor to verify or confirm their email address by clicking a link in a confirmation email message sent to the visitor at the address they entered earlier. Once they click the link, their email address will be added to an internal list. The scripts also allow you to send your newsletters or ezines from an online interface. Some of the scripts also support HTML newsletters, while others only allow ASCII text (ie, plain text) newsletters. You can also maintain your list of subscribers (add, delete or view them) from the admin interface of the script. Visitors who wish to unsubscribe will normally have to visit the form on your website again to unsubscribe from the list. Some of the scripts also allow you to view an archive of the old issues of your newsletter.

If you are not very familiar with running your own email newsletters or ezines, you might want to read the tutorial How to Start Your Own Newsletter or Ezine which introduces you to this form of publication and why it can help your site. The article The Changing Face of Email Newsletter Publishing: Tips for Newsletter Publishers mentions the changes in the ezine publication landscape in recent years, and how it affects newsletter publishers.

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Free PHP Ezine Subscription Scripts and Mailing List Managers

phpList New

phpList lets you create newsletters from a web interface, personalise them, send HTML or plain text messages, etc. It is released under the Affero General Public License (AGPL) and uses a MySQL database.

Tellmatic Newsletter Machine

This PHP newsletter script allows you to create newsletters online using a WYSIWYG HTML editor. You can use images and include other attachments in your newsletter. The script supports different recipient groups and has the ability to make sure that recipients only receive one copy of your newsletter even if they appear in different groups, personalised newsletters ("Dear Anne"), integrated bounce management, validation of email address, statistics and top lists, etc. This newsletter PHP script uses MySQL.

Web Mailing List

This mailing list PHP script currently provides a single opt-in subscription form for your newsletters (that is, visitors do not have to confirm their email address - something which I feel is dangerous for webmasters to implement on their site), as well as an interface from which you can send an ASCII text newsletter. Subscribers can unsubscribe from a form on your site.

poMMo Project - Mass Mailing List Software

This mass mailing list software allows you to add a mailing list to your site. Among its features is the ability to mail subsets of your subscribers, useful if you have segments of your subscribers that have particular interests or if you differentiate between different subscribers in some way (eg, paid subscribers, etc). To support this facility, the script allows you to create subscriber groups. Other features include the ability to import or export your subscribers, WYSIWYG HTML editor, support for themes, the ability to personalise mailings (eg "Dear Betty"), the ability to get a list of sent/unsent/failed recipients, the ability to pause/resume/cancel a mailing, automated ability to handle bounced mail, the ability to send mail through up to 4 SMTP relays simultaneously, etc. This software is released under the open source GNU GPL, and requires a MySQL database.

CcMail Mailing List Manager

[Update: this script is no longer available.] This mailing list manager provides an online WYSIWGY HTML editor for you to compose your newsletters, a way to backup your data, the ability to send your newsletters in a variety of ways including SMTP, a way to schedule the release of your newsletter issues, validation of email (double opt-in confirmation), and a multilingual interface.

The Simple Mailing List

[Update: this script is no longer available.] This mailing list software features an optional email confirmation to the user when subscribing or unsubscribing, the ability to schedule mailings for a future date, the ability to throttle or limit messages so as not to overload your mail server, support for plain text and HTML messages, member management facilities that allow you to view and manage your subscriber base, including those who have not confirmed, blacklisting, bounce handling, etc.

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