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Free PHP Site Search Engine Scripts

Listed on this page are PHP scripts that you can place on your site to allow visitors to search your website for specific documents or pages on your site. They can simply enter the words that they think will appear on your site, and the search engine will return the most likely pages. The search engines typically work by crawling your website, indexing your documents and storing the information obtained in a database of some sort. When your visitors search your site, the search engine front-end merely consults its index and displays the results.

You may also be interested in the Free Site Search Engines (Perl CGI Scripts) page which lists search engine scripts that are written in Perl. If you don't have PHP or Perl on your web server, or if you find installing a site search engine script too difficult, you may prefer to use Free Search Engine Hosting Services — they host the search engines for you. Finally, my article Some Ways to Install a Search Engine on your Website may be useful if you are completely new to this.

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Free Site Search Engines (PHP Scripts)

Sphider - PHP Spider and Search Engine

Sphider is a PHP search engine script that uses MySQL to store your website's index. It can follow links on your web page to perform full text indexing. It is able to handle both static and dynamic pages, respects the robots.txt protocol, indexes PDF and DOC files as well, allows exclusion of common words, supports AND, OR and phrase searches, gives search suggestions on mistyped queries ("Did you mean..."), context-sensitive auto-completion of search terms, word stemming for English ("run" finds "running", "runs", etc), provides site and search statistics, etc.

TSEP Search Engine Project

TSEP is a PHP site search engine that has been localized to many languages. You are asked not to remove the search engine's copyright notice from your site. You can include files by extensions, exclude directories and files, index by loading the file directly from the disk or by via HTTP, etc. The search engine also supports certain boolean operators (+ for mandatory words, * for wildcard, phrase search, etc). You can also define stopwords, words that will not be indexed on your pages. The search engine maintains a log of searches so that you can get an idea of what your visitors are looking for on your site.

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