Free Debugging Source Code and Libraries

Memory Leak Detection, Resource Leak Detection, Heap Checkers

Free Debugging Source Code and Libraries

This page lists source code, libraries and object modules that you can link into your program to help you detect resource leaks, memory leaks, buffer or heap overruns, check your heap and buffers for integrity, check array bounds, etc. It also contains libraries and source code to help you to conduct unit tests.

You may also want to check the Free Debuggers, Static Source Code Checkers (Lint Utilities), API Monitors, and Bug Trackers and Free Disassemblers, Hex Editors, Binary Editors and Viewers pages for more debugging tools and aids.

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Note: other types of debugging tools are listed on the Free Debuggers, Static Source Code Checkers (Lint Utilities), API Monitors, and Bug Trackers page.

Yaktest C++ Framework

This is a small, almost trivial, C++ framework for unit tests. It consists of 4 classes and generates output in a filename:linenumber:message format. It can be integrated with Emacs. Platform supported: Linux. Sources and binaries are available.

Boehm-Demers-Weiser Garbage Collector

A garbage collector for C/C++ that can also function as a memory-leak detector. You can simply replace your calls to malloc() with GC_malloc(). Win32, Win32s, OS/2, MacOS, AmigaDOS and Unix systems are supported.

Leak Tracer (Memory leak tracer)

Leak Tracer is a simple object module that you can link with your C++ application to find memory that you have allocated but not freed. The source code is provided. Your application must use new and delete and it must not override it.

Electric Fence (Heap Checker)

Electric Fence is a C library containing debugging versions of malloc() and free(). Once linked into your program, it is able to detect when your program overruns the boundaries of a buffer allocated from the heap. This is available for Linux and other Unix systems. Update: this software is no longer available.

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