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Free Pascal and Delphi Libraries and Source Code

This page lists free Pascal and Delphi libraries, source code, components, units, VCL, etc, that you can plug into your program to add functionality without having to reinvent the wheel. Note that certain libraries, such as free GUI libraries, free Graphics libraries, free Mathematical, Numerical and Statistical source code, free 3D and 2D game engines, free Sockets and Winsock (Internet) libraries, free Compression Source Code, etc may be listed on their own pages. For a full list, see the Free Programming Libraries, Components and Source Code index.

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Free Delphi and Pascal Libraries and Source Code

SynEdit Multi-line Edit Control

SynEdit is a multi-line edit control that you can use in your Delphi and Borland C++ Builder programs. Features include syntax highlighting for a variety of programming languages and a macro recorder. This is a VCL control that comes with source code.

TurboPower Async Professional

If you need to add speech to your programs, or enable it to process speech input, TurboPower's Async Professional provides you an easy access to Microsoft's Speech API (SAPI) allowing you to integrate voice/speech recognition and speech synthesis in your programs. It also handles the sending and receiving (as well as viewing and printing) of faxes (and converts BMP, DCX, PCX and TIF files automatically), alphanumeric and text (GSM/SMS) paging, high speed file transfers (including the major file transfer protocols like Zmodem and FTP), IP telephony (audio and video, Voice Over IP or VOIP), Internet communications (Winsock access), supports ISDN modems, RS-232 and RS-485 standards, and includes an XML-based modem database. And so on. Like most of the TurboPower tools, this open source toolkit may be used with Borland Delphi and Borland C++ Builder and ActiveX environments like Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic. If you use Borland Kylix on Linux, you might want to try the TurboPower Async Professional CLX version.

TurboPower SysTools

TurboPower SysTools contain numerous utility functions and classes for Borland Delphi and Borland C++ Builder as well as programming environments that support COM objects (like Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++. Among the routines included in this library are string manipulation routines, date and time math routines, high-speed sorting, high-precision maths, runtime math expression analyzer, Microsoft Excel-like finance and statistical routines, email attachment MIME encoding and decoding, reusable containers (stacks, queues, trees, deques, hash tables), CRC data integrity checking, 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional (1-D and 2-D) bar codes, money routines, logging classes, patterns, random number distributions, text data manipulation and more. SysTools is open source, released by TurboPower under the Mozilla Public License. It works on Windows systems. There is also a version of TurboPower SysTools for Kylix.

TurboPower Orpheus

TurboPower Orpheus contains over 120 VCL components such as data entry components, data entry validators, grid for presenting and editing 2 column information, status bars, progress bars, button and tab styles, report views, countdown and elapsed timer components, etc. Orpheus is open source, and may be used with development tools that support VCL such as Borland Delphi and C++Builder.

TurboPower ShellShock

ShellShock contains native VCL components that allow your application to integrate with the Windows shell and Windows explorer. Included in this package are tree views, list views, combo boxes, enumeration of folder contents, monitoring of shell events, file operations (copy, delete, move, rename, together with Windows shell animations), drag and drop support, Windows shortcut creation and inspection, customization of common dialog boxes, minimization to the system tray, etc. You need to use a development tool that supports VCL such as Borland C++Builder and Delphi to use this toolkit. ShellShock comes with source code.

TurboPower OnGuard

If you need to create demo versions of your programs, you might want to check out TurboPower's OnGuard library. The library provides you the ability to create applications that are time-limited, feature-limited, limited to a certain number of uses, limited to a certain number of concurrent network users, etc. Written in Object Pascal, it may be used in Windows development using tools like Borland C++Builder or Delphi.

TurboPower Essentials

TurboPower Essentials has 13 open source native VCL components that provides drop-down calendars and calculators, roll-up dialog boxes, 3-D labels, tiled backgrounds, scrolling messages, menu buttons, etc. You need to use a development tool that supports VCL such as Borland C++Builder and Delphi to use this toolkit.

TurboPower Visual PlanIt

Add time, task and contact management to your applications with Visual PlanIt's synchronized data-aware VCL components. You can create mult-column Outlook style contact grids; day, week, month event views, Outlook style task lists, connect-and-go database connectivity, printing, etc. The components are compatible with Delphi and C++Builder (and presumably any other development system that supports VCL components).

Soundlib3 Sound Library

SoundLib3 is an object oriented library that you can use in your Delphi and Visual C++ programs to mix and play sound and music as well as convert between different format files. It currently supports WAV, OGG, FLAC, MOD/NST/WOW, S3M and XM files, 3D positioning of sound sources, Doppler effects, output of 8, 16, 24 bits, output to mono, stereo, surround (Dolby Pro Logic [II] compatible), multichannel, pitch control, looping, etc.

SMIX Digital Sound Effects

This library allows your program to play up to 8 simultaneous sound, mixed in real time, on any Sound Blaster (or compatible) card. Although it is free, they request "a contribution" if you use it for commercial purposes. Versions are available for Turbo Pascal (real mode), Borland C (real mode), Watcom C (DOS/4GW protected mode), and TMT Pascal protected mode. The site also provides links to third party ports for Microsoft C, Quick C, Visual C, Borland Pascal 16 bit protected mode, and Symantec C DOSX.


This library allows you to play VOC digitized voice files via Creative Labs' CT-VOICE driver. The Turbo Pascal source code is available.


To quote from their website, "SBDSP plays VOC digitized voice files directly on a Sound Blaster or compatible sound card without using Creative Labs CT-VOICE driver." The full source code, in Turbo Pascal, is available. The library is no longer supported.

Graphics Vision

This object-oriented GUI class library has an API that is compatible with Borland's Turbo Vision. You can thus recompile your existing Turbo Vision programs (which are text-based) with this library to give it a graphical interface. It has support for TrueType, vector and VGA fonts; as well as support for Turbo Vision and Windows resource files. It is free for individual use and requires Turbo Pascal 7.0 or Delphi 1.0. Rudimentary support for Free Pascal is also included.


[Update: this site no longer seems to be around.] This graphics library is designed for the Free Pascal Compiler (which can be found, along with other free Pascal compilers on the Free Pascal and Delphi Compilers page) and Borland Pascal 7.0. It runs under MSDOS, Windows and Linux. It has various capabilities, including the support of various graphics modes from 320x200 to 1600x1200 (and above) using direct-RGB (15, 16, 24 and 32 bit), 8 bit graphics modes, mouse library, image handling library (BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, PBM/PGM/PPM, PNG, TGA, etc), font library (FNT bitmapped fonts, CHR-BGI fonts, VGA-BIOS 16x8 font), graphics effects library (alphablending, masking operations, rotating, scaling), triangle-output library (for 3-D, etc), and video and animation library (AVI, FLI/FLC, GIF, Quicktime MOV).

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