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The freeware file splitters and joiners on this page allow you to split a file (large or otherwise) into multiple fragments. The utilities can also merge the files back again into the original whole. They are useful if you want to transport a large file, but only have a smaller-sized USB flash drive, CD/DVD media or the like. They can also come in handy if you want to send a file by email, but your email provider, or that of your recipient, limits the sizes of the attachments.

Some of the tools listed also create a checksum of the original file, so that when you rejoin them back together again, you can be verify that your file was unaltered. Note that even if it doesn't create a checksum, you can always get a free MD5 checksum utility to do it for you.

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Free File Splitter and Merging Tools

GSplit (Windows)

GSplit can split your files into multiple parts with each piece having a size of your choice. It is able to create "self-uniting executables" that is able to recombine all the different pieces of the file back to its original whole, check the integrity of the reassembled file, execute the file after assembling, etc. Other features include the ability to control the filenames of the fragments, the ability to split the file directly from Windows explorer, a "Piece Inspector" that gives you information about a fragment, a standalone reassembly utility, command line and batch options, etc. There is also a portable edition that does not require you to install anything.

HJSplit: Freeware and Multi-platform File Splitter (Windows, Mac, Linux, DOS, Amiga, Java, PHP)

HJSplit is a freeware file splitter and joiner for a multitude of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, MS-DOS and clones, Amiga, systems with a Java virtual machine, and servers with PHP installed. The program will split a file into small pieces. The size of the fragmented files is specified by you. To re-join the file, you can simply put all the fragments of the split file into one folder, run the program and have it join the pieces back to its original whole. The program is also able to generate a checksum for the file, so that after re-joining it again, you can be sure that the file has not been mangled in some way.

File Splitter (Windows)

File Splitter is a freeware tool to split a file into smaller multiple chunks at a size boundary you specify. It is also able to merge the split files back together again.

Simple File Splitter and Joiner (Windows)

Simple File Splitter is a Windows utility that splits a file into multiple fragments so that you can either easily move it around on limited capacity devices like floppy disks or USB flash drives or even to send it by email when you have a small email attachment limit. Simple File Joiner can be used to re-join the divided file back into its original. The segments are sequentially numbered. The above link leads to the splitting utility. Click the link on the page that leads to "Simple File Joiner" to get the joining utility.

The File Splitter (Windows)

The File Splitter is a Windows program that splits a file into small chunks. The program creates an executable that you can include with your split files to re-combine the file back to its original state.

JR Split File (Windows)

JR Split file splits a file into fragments according to one of the pre-set sizes offered in the program (you cannot freely enter your own sizes). There is no corresponding joining utility to re-assemble your files, but it creates a DOS batch file which can be used to combine them.

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