Free Usenet News Readers

Free and open source NNTP news clients

Free Usenet News Readers

These free Usenet news readers allow you to connect to NNTP servers to read and post Usenet articles. Most of the software have special facilities designed to handle binary files (pictures, music files, video files) found on some newsgroups, including the ability to decode them, automatically handle multi-part posts, save the files, automatically resume download of a partially downloaded multi-part post, and so on. They also include message filters, so that you don't have to view annoying posts or cross-posts, the ability to view messages using a threaded view, so that you can easily follow a discussion on a specific topic, and so on.

Note that although they use the same terminology ("news"), these Usenet newsreaders are different from the RSS and ATOM feed newsreaders found on the Free Offline News Feed Readers and News Aggregators page. Those handle the RSS feeds such as those you can find on and, allowing you to keep track of updates and additions on websites. Usenet news readers, on the other hand, allow you to participate in forum-like discussions (etc) in the Usenet newsgroups.

You may also wish to know that certain web browsers, like Opera, come with the ability to read/post Usenet articles built-in. Furthermore, certain email clients, such as Thunderbird listed on the Free Email Clients page, also allow you to read/post such articles. However, in general, these built-in facilities usually do not have the large feature-set and convenience features that the specialized Usenet clients listed here provide.

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Free Usenet NTTP News Clients

XanaNews Newsreader (Windows)

XanaNews is a free, open source Usenet news reader for Windows. It supports multiple news servers (NNTP servers), threaded multi-column tree message display, the ability to save images and binary attachments, the ability to decode UUE, Base64, and yEncoded messages, message deletion feature that allows you to delete messages that don't match your criteria, the highlighting of threads with messages to you, the ability to cancel and resume an operation, batch mode operations, message filters, SSL support, integrated spell checker, etc.

KLibido: KDE Linux Binaries Downloader (Linux)

This is a binaries news reader for Linux that handles the joining of multi-part posts, automatic decoding of posts, support for multiple servers, multiple download threads per server, download queue management (to pause, resume, cancel downloads, etc), etc.

GNUS Usenet Newsreader (Linux, BSD, etc)

Gnus is a message reader running under GNU Emacs (see the Free Programmer's Editors page), that supports reading and composing news and email. It is provided in source code form.

Microplanet Gravity (Windows)

This is an open source Usenet news client for Windows. It supports a scoring system for its filters, and is customizable.

WinVN: Windows Visual Newsreader (Windows)

This old, no longer maintained news reader for Windows 95/NET supports multiple server connections and viewing of multiple articles simultaneously. Update: it looks like you can get a more recent version for modern Windows systems (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions). This later version is maintained by a third party (scroll down the page on that site to find it).

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