Free Blog and NewsFeed Pinging Services

Ping/Inform these free services every time you update your blog

Free Blog and News Feed Pinging Services

These services allow you to inform them, or "ping" them, whenever you update your blog or newsfeed. The services are either News Feed Aggregators, search engines, specialized blog search engines, or other specialised websites catering to news or blogs. "Pinging" these sites allow you to update them of new developments on your website.

Note that some of these services cater to a specific audience. Do not wantonly submit your feed to every feed regardless of relevance.

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Free NewsFeed and Blog Pinging Services

Twingly Blog Ping New

You can ping various services by entering your blog's URL here.

Google Blog Search

Google allows you to submit either your blog or your newsfeed here.

Yahoo! allows you to submit both your blog and feed web addresses.


WebLogs provides a form where you can submit your blog and XML news feed. Submitting directly to this service allows you to put your blog into an appropriate category.

Google's FeedBurner

FeedBurner's ping service provides a form where you provide your blog address.


[Update: this service seems to be gone.] You can ping IceRocket by giving it your blog address in this form.


[Update: this service seems to be gone.]

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