Free Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Free photos and illustrations for your blog, website, presentations, etc

Free Royalty-Free Stock Photos

If you have a blog (or any website for that matter) or presentation (eg PowerPoint presentation) that you feel would look better with pictures adorning the page, you may be interested in the stock photos provided by the sites listed here. They cover topics such as scenery, animals, inanimate objects, people, artistic expressions and so on. Some sites even provide vector art and videos. As far as I can tell, the images appear to come in high resolution, which you can of course resize.

The photos are supposed to be available for anyone to use free of charge, without payment of royalties, often for both personal and commercial purposes. However, it's best to verify this for yourself (by reading their licence agreements) since I'm not really a lawyer, and the terms and conditions on those websites may change with time.

Important: some of the sites also provide sponsored photos, which may mean that you have to pay for those specific pictures. If you only want the free stuff, be careful to select only the images that belong to their free collection.

You may also be interested in the Free Royalty Free Music and Sounds page.

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Free Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Pexels New

The photos on Pexels are tagged and may be searched by tags using their site search engine. They are distributed under a licence that apparently allows its use on websites, print marketing materials, etc, even commercial ones, without attribution, subject to certain conditions. See their licence for more information. The site also has a number of videos available. (The licence page does not mention the videos, but their FAQ says that the videos are also licensed under the same terms as the photos.)

Good Free Photos

Good Free Photos features pictures released under the Creative Commons Zero licence, which lets you use them for any purpose without attribution. The photos are tagged, and can be searched using their internal search engine. (At the time this was written, their drop-down menu for "Category" is poorly implemented, allowing you to see and click only the first few entries, so the search engine is probably the only way you can access the different landscape location categories.) The site appears to have both scenery and human photos when I last checked it out, although there may be other types as well. The main page mentions that it does not claim that the photos of people come with model releases.


The photos here are released under the Creative Commons Zero licence, which allows you to use them for any purpose, even commercial ones, without even providing attribution to the photographer or the source. The photos cover a wide variety of subjects.


Pixabay provides photos, videos and vector and art illustrations that you can use under the Creative Commons CC0 licence. The site says that you can use these resources, modified or not, anywhere, even for commercial purposes. No attribution is required (that is, their licence does not require that you specify where you got the photo from or who took it).


Gratisography appears to feature photos from a single photographer. You may use the photos for personal or commercial purposes, subject to certain restrictions. (See the site for details.) The photos cover a number of subjects, including (to use their classification) animals, nature, objects, people and "whimsical".


The photos here have a wide variety of subjects, such as places, people, animals, and so on. I'm not entirely certain, but it looks like you are only allowed to use the pictures if you modify them in some way, although it seems that any modification is deemed as fulfilling this part of the licence, even if the change is very small. Alternatively, if you use a photo while accompanying it with text (like in an article or blog post), then it is supposed to be okay. I presume this requirement is to discourage people from creating a website and dumping all these photos there wholesale. However, I am not a lawyer and this is just my own layman's interpretation, so, as always, I recommend that you read their licence terms yourself.

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