Free Podcasting Software to Publish Podcasts

Programs to help you publish your own web radio show or videocasts

Free Podcasting Software to Publish Podcasts

Podcasts are basically news feeds that have multimedia file enclosure such as an MP3 audio file, a Windows Media Video (WMV) file, a QuickTime MOV file or an MP4 video file. Originally named because one could use an iPod to listen to a podcast, you can, in reality, listen to a podcast using any computer and a news feed reader or aggregator.

Some of the podcast publishing software below allow you to record a podcast from within its interface. The software will then create the necessary RSS files and MP3 audio enclosure and publish it to your website for you. Others require that you have already created your MP3 audio file, using perhaps one of the free audio recording and editing software around.

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Free Podcasting Software to Publish Podcasts

Podcast Generator (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, etc)

Podcast Generator is a free (open source) PHP script that you can upload to your website. When run from your web browser, it enables you to upload audio-video media files (such as MP3, ogg, MPG, M4V, MOV, etc) to your site from its form along with any episode information you may have, and it will create a podcast W3-compliant news feed complete with iTunes tags. It includes a web based streaming MP3 podcast player. The program is released under the GNU General Public License (an open source licence). Note that your web host must support PHP for this program to work.

Easypodcast - Easy Podcast Publication (Windows, Linux)

Easypodcast is a Windows and Linux program that enables you to publish your podcasts in a few steps. The software generates ID3 tags for you automatically from your MP3 file, creates an RSS feed, and includes a built-in FTP client that uploads your MP3 and RSS files to your website. Note that you will still need an audio recorder and editor to create your MP3 file.

Escapepodder (Windows)

Escapepodder is a command line program for Windows that creates an RSS feed (podcast) and an HTML web page for all the MP3 audio files that you have in a particular directory.

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