Free Email: POP3, IMAP, Web, or Forwarding

ISP independent email address with POP3, IMAP, web access, forwarding or redirection

Free IMAP, POP3 Email Mailboxes, Web Email, Email Forwarding or Redirection

These free services give you a free email address with either a POP3 mailbox access, IMAP access, web email access, or email aliases that will forward or redirect email sent to that address to another. They may be used by people who are looking for an email address that is independent of their ISP, and thus hopefully more permanent than that given by the ISP.

If you want to get your own domain name for your email address (eg,, but are not sure how to go about doing it, read How to Get a Domain Name for Email Only (without having to start a website). Of course, if you also want a website, just read How to Create a Website.

If you need more facilities for your email, one possibility is to use a commercial service like

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Free Web Email, POP3 and IMAP Mail boxes and Email Forwarding


Run by Google, Gmail provides approximately 10 GB of disk space. (Note: it may be more by the time you read this, since they increase the amount every now and then.) You can access your account either with a browser (that is, it provides a webmail service as well) or a POP3/IMAP email client. You can also forward your email to another email account (ie, they provide email forwarding and redirection). It has a spam filtering system that learns from the mail marked as spam by its users. While you can use it to send and receive attachments, at this time, you cannot send or receive files having certain extensions, such as Windows .exe files, batch files, VB scripts, Windows Script Host files, and other executable files, even if they are placed inside archives (like zip files). Your individual emails, including their attachments, can have a maximum file size of 25MB. The service is ad-supported, and advertisements relevant to the email you are reading appear above your email. That is, Google scans your messages and issues advertisements it thinks are relevant to the text of your email. (formerly Hotmail)

This web email service, run by Microsoft, gives you 15 GB for your mail boxes. File attachments are limited to 34 MB in size. In order to reduce spam, there is also a limit to the number of email messages that you can send daily.


This service comes with folders to organise your email, filter them, attach files, automatically respond to mails received (autoresponder), and so on. Note though, if you don't access your email after some time, your account will be deleted. At the time I write this, there seems to be some controversy going on about the changes to their Terms of Service, so I suggest you actually read those before signing up.

This service provides you with an email address and up to 10 email aliases. File attachments are limited to 50 MB in size. At the time I checked them out (some years ago), the service issued a pop-up window when I reached their site, another pop-up window each time I deleted a message (if you block their pop-up, you will not be able to delete your messages) and at least two pop-up windows when I logged out. I'm not sure if there are other pop-up windows as well; I ended up blocking all pop-ups except when I delete mail. To me, one pop-up is fine (after all they need the ads to survive), but this is ridiculous.


This web email service provides you with "unlimited" email storage (with some limitations; see below). You can access your email only via their web interface. The service is ad-supported, and also you get ad tag lines in your email (presumably both inbound and outbound mail). While perusing their site, I noticed an interesting piece of information in their Terms of Service agreement regarding the "unlimited" storage: apparently, some of your outbound messages "may not be processed due to outbound message limitations". I'm not sure what this means (there are no details).

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